Kozi za VETA 2024/2025 veta courses Tanzania


In this Post you Will find Kozi za VETA2024/2025 veta courses Tanzania Na Bei Zake, Kozi Za Muda Mrefu Veta, Kozi Za Veta Chang’ombe, Veta Short Courses 2023, Kozi Za Veta Na Gharama Zake Mwanza, Veta Courses Pdf 2023
Veta Long Courses, Also You Will Find Veta Chang’ombe Courses 2023.

The Competence Basic Education and Training (CBET) Unit Standards are followed by Tanzania’s veterinary curricula (Kozi zinazotolewa veta Tanzanaia). To ensure that students are ready for the workplace, the CBET system incorporates business entrepreneurial abilities, trade math, English, Engineering Science, and Technical Drawing into the curriculum.

Kozi za VETA 2023 veta courses

There are about 50 short courses and 20 long courses offered by Tanzania veta. Every subject covered in a long course is also covered in a short course and an evening course.

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Students who enroll in short or evening courses can work while they learn. Longer courses, however, follow standardized national curriculum for occupational education and training and cover the content in more depth.

Kozi zinazotolewa veta Tanzanaia

Basic Driving Course 225,000
Psv (Passenger Service Vehicle) Course 300,000
Driving Refresher Course 100,000
PlumbingAnd Pipe Fitting-Stg 1 300,000
Electrical Installation-Stg 1 300,000
Electrical Installation-Stg 2 320,000
Electrical Installation-Stg 3 320,000
Motor Vehicle Mechanics Course 300,000
Auto Cad Skills Course 300,000
Garden Maintenance 300,000
Solar Power Technology 300,000
Aluminium DoorsAnd Windows Making 415,000
Steel Fixing 300,000
Basic Housekeeping 300,000
Food Production 415,000
Basic FoodAnd Bevarage Services 300,000
Front Office Operation 300,000
Drainage System Construction 340,000
Land Scapping 340,000
Hair DressingAnd Beautification 415,000
Making Meat Cuts 680,000
Preservation Of Hides & Skins 680,000
Sausage Making 390,000
Interlocking Blocks Making 290,000
Culvet Pipes Making 180,000
Floor Tiles Fixing 180,000
Colour Making 295,000
Basic Electronics 300,000
BasicArch Welding 300,000
Basic Gas Welding 300,000
Basic Sign Writing 300,000
Basic Tricycle Riding 105,000
Basic Computer Application 250,000
Basic Computer Application 250,000
Motorcycle Riding (Bodaboda) 70,000
Motor Cycle Repair 300,000

Quick Courses

Programs for long courses and short courses run concurrently. These initiatives were put in place to respond to a variety of labor market demands and needs. The following four major categories make up the programs:

Short Formalized Course

These are courses that can be taken as a single module or as multiple modules as part of a regular long-term training program.

Short Special Courses

These are quick courses designed to meet the needs of a particular group. These programs were created to meet the demands of the labor market. Courses like these include Basic catering, especially for Baba and Mama Lishe. Basic cleaning, land scarping, hair cutting, and hair styling.

Customized Training

These are programs that are tailored to a particular group, business, or person. They mostly focus on skill improvement. Industries like TBL, TCC, and Twiga Cement, to name a few, have strong demand for the program.

Night Classes

These programs were designed to make it possible for basic trainees, graduates, and those with on-the-job training to obtain theoretical lessons at the center as they prepared to take Trade Testing examinations in grades III to I, respectively. Additionally, it gives the students the chance to learn new technology skills that will boost their efficiency at work.

Here are the short courses being offered right now:

Yombo Drivers & Testing Center: Driving

The greatest driving courses, including VIP Driving and defensive driving, are provided by our highly certified driving instructors using modern methods, quality vehicles, and facilities.

Basic Driver Education

187,00 for five weeks; fee

driving a truck course

187,00 for five weeks

bus operators

207,000 for five weeks.

Decoration (Mapambo) (Mapambo)

We receive training in both efficient and original interior and outside decoration. Popular in our communities, this endeavor requires skilled staff for executive performance.
160,000 = fee for two months

Catering (Food Production) (Food Production)

Those who are interested in contemporary cooking and catering receive training from us. The course’s graduate is capable of preparing a variety of meals to the necessary professional standards.
130,000 for three months in fee

Simple Cleaning

Daily cleaning done correctly extends the life of a floor and is necessary to produce a finish that is both impressive-looking and safe, non-slippery, and smooth. We provide instruction on how to utilize the tools and detergents that are readily available to clean effectively and safely.
$40,001 for one month

Admin Assistant

Daily cleaning done correctly extends the life of a floor and is necessary to produce a finish that is both impressive-looking and safe, non-slippery, and smooth. We receive the best instruction on how to manage the office, all documents therein, and other tools.
40,000 for a single month’s fee

Haircutting, cosmetics, and therapy

hairstyling course

We offer the best instruction and impart professional-level procedures for shampooing, relaxing, and styling hair to our trainees. We also provide facial, pedicure, and manicure instruction.
197,00 for three months

Song and drama

We offer the greatest instruction and teach our students professional music composing techniques. Use a variety of instruments as well.
000,000 for a few months

Management of hotels

We give our trainees the greatest instruction and impart knowledge of various cooking styles and flavors from other cultures and nations.
550,000/= in fees for five months

Cutting Women’s Hair

160,000 = fee for two months


We must take care of the environment. There is environmental management training available.
80,000 for two months in fee


The course is taught using a certain method that inspires students in all classes. The curriculum increases an individual’s ability for understanding practice.
$50,000 for two months.

Selling and marketing

Salesmanship art 130,000 for three months as the Concept of Marketing Fee

NABE I and II.

Accounting, storekeeping, business, and commercial


$110,000 for five months.

Civil engineering

We offer instruction for blue printing machine operators as well as for fundamental draughtsmanship, model-making, and drawing interpretation.
170,000 for four months in fees

Creating Engineering Drawings

Making drawings and preparing reinforcement
2 months for a fee of 210,000

Auto CAD

Commands, toolbars, and presentation of drawings. 110,000/= in fees for one month

masonry and manslaughter

We provide instruction in block laying and masonry. Additionally, we provide both practical and theoretical training in site management, supervisory courses for building foremen, and general building construction. Only skilled masons are capable of creating beautiful architectural structures.
160,000 = fee for three months


flooring, tiling, and plastering
160,000 = fee for three months


Construction materials, a hot water installation, and a drainage system.
160,000 = fee for three months

Estimation of Materials

Interpretation of the drawing, a list of tasks, and the materials and amounts
140,000/= in fees for one month

Steel Fixer Education

160,000/= for 3 months for materials, drawing interpretation, and steel lying.

Woodworking and Joinery

Students of carpentry Modern carpentry requires designing skills for woodwork and knowledge of how to use contemporary tools and machinery to produce furniture and other items of this nature.
Fee of $90,000 for three months


Decoration of woodwork, planning, and preparation
190k fee = 3 months


finishing woodwork properly
130,000 = fee for two months

Decorating and Painting

We instruct our apprentices on the finest way to paint and decorate spaces.
cost 130,000/= two months


Fee for preparation, letter-cutting, and filling: 210,000 for four months

Vehicle Body Spray

Preparing the car body and applying the spray will cost $200,000 over three months.

Office mechanical engineering

The training covers maintaining office equipment, such as photocopiers, computers, printers, etc.
160,000 = Fee for 1 month

Air conditioning and refrigeration

We always need freezers and air conditioners due to our tropical climate. Electrical issues also lead to more frequent system failures, which necessitate ongoing maintenance. To enable our graduates to provide the service, we offer training.
160,000 = fee for one month

Basics of Automotive Air Conditioning

Fee 180,000


The fastest-evolving technology in the world is electronics. The demands and difficulties of this technology necessitate ongoing training.
160,000 USD for 3 months

Mobile phone

Computer applications, software, and hardware are examples of passive and active components. repairs and upkeep
$260,000 for three months.

Basic Industrial Electrical Fitter Skills

Generators and electrical machines, motor installation Transformer rewinding, single-phase and three-phase C & AC motors, and industrial installation
150,000 for 16 weeks; fee

Solar technology Solar-powered equipment

Basic solar energy, solar appliances, and a 14-week planning and sizing fee of 150,000

Rewiring a motor or an armature

The course teaches rewinding and servicing abilities. Generators, transformers, and other a.c. electrical machines, such as relays.
$210,000 for six weeks.

Electrical Installation in the Home

We provide instruction in wiring systems and electrical circuit installations.
150,000 for 14 weeks; fee

Construction & Fabrication

We practice welding procedures in order to fabricate metal efficiently. We receive training in the fabrication and welding of tough and beautiful grills, gates, and other metal joineries.
$330,000 for three months.

weld in an arc

basic welding abilities
110,000/= in fees for one month

weld with gas

basic welding abilities
Payment of 110 000 for a month

Welding with TIG & MIG

basic welding abilities
$110,000 for two weeks.

Vehicle Mechanics

To help them service and fix cars of various makes, we provide trainees with the most effective, efficient, and modern skills, knowledge, and procedures.
160,000 = fee for three months

Lift Truck

Introduction to forklifts and the lifting principle automobile service
200,000 for four weeks.

Vehicle Electrical

automobile electrical systems.
110,000 = fee for 8 weeks

vehicle overhaul

Service of the crankshaft, engine block, and cylinder heads 110,000 for 4 weeks of service.

Technology Information

Information technology is advancing the human race. In comparison to other options on the market, our facilities are of the highest caliber, and our prices are very affordable. Join Today

Application for pc

Word processing, spreadsheets, database management, Power Point, and Publisher are all included in the introduction. 120,000 in Internet fees over 4 months

Maintenance of PC

Configuring hardware, software, networking, and the internet
210,000 for 3 months’ Fee


This calls for sewing abilities, clothing design and tailoring, management, bridal gowns, etc.
160,000 in fees + 6 months


developing many styles of clothing
60,000 USD for One Month

Making Suits

creating both male and female outfits
160,000 for a month’s fee


Decorate many kinds of clothing
60,000 for one month.

Basic laboratory expertise and practice

Skills in biology, chemistry, and health and safety.
40,000 for four weeks.

Farming of mushrooms

40,000 for four weeks.

Create Detergents

60,000 for one month.

Plant Budding & Grafting

40,000 for four weeks.


We provide the trainees with the best methods for offset litho printing, dark room reproduction, and binding.

Offset Lithography

Technique for getting ready, 130,000 for four weeks of printing


Book mending, Guillotine use, and library binding
130,000 for four weeks.

visual representation

130,000 for 4 weeks for camera operating, plate making, and job planning.

Display Printing

T-shirt printing, poster printing, and sticker printing
60,000 for one month.

Plant Budding & Grafting

4 weeks for 40,000

Computer and Secretarial Course

We employ trainers in computer typesetting and secretarial skills who are highly qualified and experienced.

Complete secretarial

Office Practice (Stage I), Secretarial Duties (Stage II), English, Computer, Typewriting (Stage I), Shorthand (Nadharia), Hatimkato (Nadharia),

Find out more at www.veta.go.tz.

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