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What is a good career path in the basic industries?

Basic Industries is a good career choice, yes. Basic industries will continue to exist for the foreseeable future as an important component of the economy. There are numerous opportunities available if you want to earn good money without having to spend money on college.

Working your way up the career ladder while picking up skills on the job is an option.

What is a good career path in the basic industries?

Chemical engineers, petroleum geologists, forensic scientists, and material scientists are a few of the top fundamental industrial vocations. These chances present a reliable, well-paying career route.

Best-paying Jobs In Basic Industries

There are many high-paying occupations available in this market because to how diverse basic industries are. There are many different job options available to you depending on the industry you choose.

 Basic Industries
Basic Industries

The higher-paying positions in this sector are found in both engineering and the sciences. The highest-paying positions in fundamental industries are shown below.

animal expert

Annual Salary on Average: $73,000

Researchers who study the genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth, and development of domestic farm animals are known as animal scientists or animal nutritionists. Typically, these people conduct study on livestock management, create agricultural techniques, and write scientific papers.

To get a job, animal scientists frequently have a bachelor’s degree, and some positions in this field could need an occupational license.

However, most training for animal biologists occurs on the job. This position might be right for you if you have an interest in biology, mathematics, chemistry, and food production.

Food researcher

$68,000 is the average annual salary.

Food scientists are people who research the fundamentals of food processing and deterioration using chemistry, microbiology, engineering, and other sciences.

This could imply that they assess the nutritional value of food, find new food sources, investigate methods for ensuring food safety, and more.

Agricultural and food scientists frequently need at least a bachelor’s degree in their subject or in a related science or engineering major, similar to animal scientists.

Food scientists work in a range of settings, such as universities, food manufacturing businesses, and scientific research and development.


$58,000 is the average annual salary.

In order to perform quality or process control checks, to generate new goods or knowledge, or both, chemists undertake qualitative and quantitative chemical studies or experiments in laboratories.

They could be in charge of conducting material quality checks, examining chemical compounds, ensuring laboratory safety, and other duties.

The majority of chemical occupations need at least a bachelor’s degree to be effective. Many professionals in this industry have continued their studies, nevertheless.

A job as a chemist may be ideal for you if you appreciate chemistry, mathematics, production and processing, as well as computers and electronics.

Materials expert

$83,000 year on average

A materials scientist investigates and evaluates the chemical composition and structure of both synthetic and organic materials. Glass, rubber, ceramics, alloys, polymers, and metals may all fall under this category. With this information, you can think of fresh approaches to fortify, mix, or develop new materials.

Materials scientists are able to understand how new and current materials can best improve how we utilize them by conducting experiments with materials and chemicals. In universities, government agencies, gas and oil industries, and biotechnology businesses, materials scientists typically work in offices or laboratories.


$92,000 is the average annual salary.

People who study the composition, structure, and other physical characteristics of the earth are known as geoscientists. When examining items like oil, gas, minerals, or water, this may involve having a solid understanding of geology, physics, and mathematics. Geoscientists, like those in the other sciences, often hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

In order to gather information, geoscientists may be in charge of designing research studies, carrying out research, evaluating research or operational data, analyzing geological or geographical data, and exploring geological aspects of processes. This could be a fantastic career choice if you appreciate geography, math, and chemistry.

Oil rig or offshore worker

Annual Salary on Average: N/A

Employees who support oil and gas drilling and extraction operations on an offshore oil platform are known as oil rig employees. You can be in charge of specific tasks on the rig or more general labor-related tasks. The occupations of derrickman and driller include direct contact with drilling machinery.

For this position, a high school graduation or GED will suffice. Although safety training is required prior to employment, especially for individuals with specialized abilities like drilling engineers and underground pipefitters, workers often receive training on the job.

Electrical engineer

Annual Salary on Average: $77,000

Utility engineers are specialist engineers who frequently work for public utilities that offer water, power, gas, or sewage services to their communities. Utility engineers, like the other positions on this list, often hold a degree in mechanical or civil engineering.

Utility engineers may be charged with creating designs, plans, and operations, spotting and fixing system problems, supervising teams of technicians as they go about their daily work, gathering information on utility process units, and overseeing building projects.

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