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Green Hell Update 2.3.4 Patch Notes on PC, Xbox One and PS4

Green Hell Update 2.3.4 Patch Notes on PC, Xbox One and PS4;- On PC, Xbox One, and PS4, a new Green Hell update 2.3.4 is being released. The most recent update fixed all achievements involving repetitious tasks from Spirits of Amazonia expansions 1-3, according to the official Green Hell patch notes.

A significant upgrade previously called Animal Husbandry adds new features to the game. Now that he has constructed an animal pen, Jake Higgins is able to breed the capybara, tapir, and peccary.

Unfortunately, after the most recent significant patch, players have been having a number of problems. The Green Hell patch 2.3.4 released today will fix some of these issues. Download free Green Hell update 2.3.4 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Green Hell Update 2.3.4 Patch Notes

Green Hell for PC is a survival game in an open world format, where the player must survive – and try to thrive – in an unusual location for such.

Green Hell
Green Hell

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Green Hell Patch Notes – September 14, 2022

The complete list of fixed achievements is as follows:

  • Babysitter (Return 9 kids to safety);
  • Molineria-man (Heal a Tribe member);
  • Rest in peace (Burn 10 Tribe Members’ corpses);
  • Cleaning volunteer (Burn 10 Toxic Waste Piles);
  • Fishing in troubled water (Help 5 Tribe Fishermen);
  • Handyman (Rebuild 10 Tribe Totems);
  • Cage opener (Free 9 Tribe Women).