Download NIDA online copy National Identification Authority (NIDA)

Download NIDA online copy National Identification Authority (NIDA);- PDF Document Nida Copy, Id Copy Nida, Copy, Nida Portal, Id Copy, Namba Ya Kitambulisho Cha Taifa, 2023-2024

Download NIDA online copy National Identification Authority (NIDA)

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NIDA (National Identification Authority) is a public institution in Tanzania assigned the responsibility and mandate of registering its citizens. Hence, the institution issue National ID Cards to everyone that has met the legal requirement and is of legal age.

Nida Online Copy
Download Nida Online Copy National Identification Authority (Nida)

This includes refugees. Also, the governmental institution holds the database for its citizen’s identity to improve national security. The organization shares its data with interested parties through different platforms, like the National ID Verification Portal and many more.

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NIDA online copy – National Identification

NIDA also manages National ID Database. Data stored in NIDA database is then shared by NIDA stakeholders eg. Banks, Social Security funds for their customer Identifications processes.

This portal is for retrieving information from National ID Database.

Intended users are;-

Who uses this portal to set PIN CODE which shall be used to disclose his or her information when needed.

To Get NIDA online copy

NIDA online ID copy,  how one can access the service.

  1. Visit and on the menu region, press “Identity Card Online Copy.”
  2. Write your National Identification Number (NIN) and then answer the ensuing questions.
  3. Once done, press the download button. Voila, you have completed your NIDA online copy download.

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Only stakeholders can access the NIDA Copy online services. Therefore, you ought to be registered before logging in to the platform.

Every user can access the portal to create a PIN code that they will utilize to access the database.

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