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(Ushonaji Na Udereva Veta) 2023/2024 Kozi zinazotolewa veta Tanzanaia | Veta courses

(Ushonaji Na Udereva VETA) 2023/2024 Kozi zinazotolewa VETA Tanzanaia | VETA courses, Tanzania VETAcourses (Kozi zinazotolewa veta Na Bei Zake Tanzanaia) adhere to Competence Basic Education and Training (CBET) Unit Standards. The CBET syster!n integrates business entrepreneurial skills, trade calculations, English, Engineering Science, Technical Drawing into the curriculum so that students will be prepared when they reach the workplace.

Tanzania VETA offers 20 long courses and over 50 short courses. Every long course subject is also offered as a short course and as an evening course. Short and evening courses have the advantage that students can also work while studying. However, long courses teach the material in more depth and adhere to national vocational education and training curricula.

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Kozi zinazotolewa veta Tanzanaia | veta courses

Short course programs are running parallel with long courses programs. These programs were introduced to address various demands/needs from the labor market.

Kozi fupi VETA | VETA Short Courses

The programs are classified into four main categories as follows:

  •  Formalized Short Course
    These are courses derived from normal long-term training programs taken as single modules or more than one module.
  •  Special Short Courses
    These are short courses developed to target specific groups and needs. These courses are developed to address labor market needs. Such courses are like Basic catering particularly for baba and mama lishe, Hairdressing, Basic cleaning, Land Scarping, and Haircutting course.
  • Tailor-Made Training
    These are programs tailed to a specific group, company, or individual. Mostly they aim at skills updating. The program has a high demand from industries such as TBL, TCC, Twiga Cement just to mentions a few.
  • Evening Classes
    These programs are aimed at enabling basic trainees graduates and those who have been trained on the job to be able to access theoretical lesson at the centre while preparing to sit for Trade Testing examinations from grades III to I respectively. It further enables the trainees to acquire new technological knowledge which will help them to improve their productivity at work place.

Kozi Fupi Kwa Sasa VETA | The current short courses are as follows:

Driving – Yombo Drivers and Testing Center
VETA well-qualified driving Instructors using up-to-date techniques, good vehicles and facilities provide the best driving courses including VIP Driving and defensive driving. Basic Driving Course Fee 187,000/= for 5 weeks

  1. Truck driving course
    Fee 187,000 for 5 weeks Bus Drivers Fee 207,000 for 5 weeks
  2. Decoration (Mapambo)
    VETA train for efficient and creative internal and external decoration. This is a popular Endeavour in our communities and it calls for trained personnel for executive performance Fee 160,0001= for 2 months
  3. Catering (Food Production);-We train those interested in modern cookery and catering. After the course, the graduate can prepare various meals in required professional standards. Fee 130,0001= for 3months
  4. Basic Cleaning
    Proper daily cleaning maximizes floor life and is essential for achieving a safe, nonslippery surface and impressive-looking finish. We train in the best use of available equipment—detergents and tools for effective and safe cleaning. Fee 40,000 for 1 month
  5. Office Attendant
    Proper daily cleaning maximizes floor life and is essential for achieving a safe, nonslippery surface and impressive-looking finish. We train in the best of how to handle the office and all documents in the office and other equipment. Fee 40,000/= for 1 months
  6. Hairdressing, Beauty & Therapy;-Hairdressing class provide the best training and give our trainee the professional touch to the hair Shampooing, relaxing and styling, techniques. Also, we teach Facial, Pedicure and Manicures. Fee 197,0001= for 3 months
  7. Music & Drama
    VETA provide the best training and give our trainee the professional touch to the Music, techniques in writing music. Also, use different instruments Fee 000,0001= for some months
  8. Hotel Management
    VETA provide the best training and give our trainee knowledge in a different types of cooking flavor from different culture and countries Fee 550,0001= for five months
    Hair Cutting for Women Fee 160,0001= for 2 months
  9. Landscaping;- Environmental care is our responsibility. Training to manage the environment is provided. Fee 80,0001= for 2 months
  10. English
    The course offered follows a particular approach motivating learners of all courses. The program builds the capacity for understanding a practicing. Fee 50,0001= for 2 months
  11. Sales & Marketing
    Art of salesmanship Concept of Marketing Fee 130,0001= for 3 months
  12. NABEI&II
    Bookkeeping, Store Keeping, Commerce, Commercial
  13. Arithmetic;- Fee 110,000/= for 5 months
  14. Civil Draughting
    We provide training in basic draughtsmanship, model making, and drawing interpretation and for blueprinting machine operators. Fee 170,000/= for 4 months
  15. Engineering Drawing Preparation
    Drawing, Preparation of Reinforcement Fee 210,000/= 2 months
  16. Auto CAD
    Commands, Tools Bars, Drawing Presentation. Fee 110,000/= for 1 month
  17. Masonry & Bricklaying
    We train on masonry and block laying skills. We also train both practical and theory of the general building construction, supervisory course for building foreman and site management. Elegant building structures can only be done by trained masons. Fee 160,0001= for 3 months
  18. Tiling
    Plastering, Flooring, Tiling works Fee 160,0001= for 3 months
  19. Plumbing
    Materials, Coldwater installation, Hot water, Drainage system. Fee 160,0001= for 3 months
  20. Materials Estimation
    Drawing interpretation, List of activities, Materials & quantities Fee 140,0001= for 1 month
  21. Steel Fixer Training
    Materials, Drawing interpretation, Steel lying Fee 160,0001= for 3 months
  22. Carpentry & Joinery
    Carpentry student’s modern Carpentry entails designing skills for woodwork and techniques of using modern tools and machines in the production of furniture and the like. Fee 190,000/= for 3 months
  23. Decoration
    Wood work decoration, Planning & preparation Fee 190,0001= 3 months
  24. Finishing
    Proper woodwork finishing Fee 130,0001= for 2 months
  25. Painting & Decoration
    We teach our trainees the best method of painting and decorating areas. Fee 130,0001= 2 months
  26. Lettering
    Preparation, cutting of letters, filling Fee 210,000 for four months
  27. Car Body Spray
    Car body preparation, Application of spray Fee 190,000 for three months.
  28. Office Machine Mechanics
    The course includes maintenance of office machines like photocopies, computers, printer,s etc. Fee 160,0001= for 1 months
  29. Refrigeration & Air Condition
    In our tropical weather, we always require refrigerators and air conditioners. Electrical faults also increase incidences of breakdowns in these systems which therefore require constant repairs. We provide training to enable our graduates to give the service. Fee 160,0001= for 1 month
  30. Basics Skills in Air Condition Car A/C
    Fee 180,000
  31. Electronics
    Electronics is the fastest-changing technology worldwide. Due to the demands and challenges of this technology training is required continuously. Fee 160,0001= 3 months
  32. Cellular Phone
    The passive and active components, Computer application, Software, and hardware. Maintenance and repair Fee 260,000/= for 3 months
  33. Basic Skills in Industrial Electrical Fitter
    Electrical machine and generator, Motor installation. The motor control circuit, C & AC single-phase and three-phase motors, Transformer rewinding, Industrial installation Fee 150,000 for 16 weeks
  34. Solar Technology Solar energy appliances
    Basic solar energy, Solar appliances, Planning & Sizing Fee 150,000 for 14 weeks
  35. Armature / Motor Rewiding
    The course provides skills in rewinding and services A.0 electrical Machines e.g. Motor generator, transformers, and relays. Fee 210,0001= for 6 weeks
  36. Domestic Electrical Installation
    We offer training in electrical circuit installations and wiring systems. Fee 150,0001= for 14 weeks
  37. Welding & Fabrication
    We train for efficient metal fabrications using welding techniques. We train for making and welding durable

The Vocational Training System

The Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) is an autonomous Government Agency established through the Act of Parliament No. 1 of 1994 Chapter 82 [Revised in 2006]. The overall objective of the establishment of VETA is to oversee the Vocational Education and Training (VET) system in Tanzania. It is charged with the responsibilities of promoting, coordinating, providing, regulating, and financing VET in the Country.

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The vision of VETA is, “Tanzania with sufficient and competent artisans.”


The mission of VETA is, “To ensure quality vocational skills by providing, regulating, coordinating, promoting, and financing vocational education and training for national socio-economic development.”

Core Values

i. Demand-driven services;

ii. Service Excellence;

iii. Transparency; and

iv. Teamwork.

Roles Of VETA

Providing vocational education and training;

VETA provides training through 33 vocational training centers and institutes that it owns. Also, it provides training to vocational teachers through its Vocational teacher’s Training College in Morogoro.

Coordinating vocational education and training;

VETA coordinates more than 700 VET institutions owned by other VET providers in the country, providing training in form of long courses, short courses, and tailor-made courses. Also, VETA conducts Labour Market Surveys to determine skills demanded by the labor market.

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As well, the Authority establishes and maintains close linkage and partnership with other training providers at national and zonal levels.

Regulating vocational education and training;

VETA regulates the provision of vocational education and training in the Country through Registration of VET Institutions; Accreditation; Setting Standards; Curriculum Development; Auditing for Compliance; Assessment; and Certification.

Financing and managing VET fund;

VETA finances and manages VET Fund for Vocational Education and Training. The main source of the VETA Fund is employers’ contribution of Skills Development Levy (SDL). Employers with four and above employees contribute 6% of their employee’s salaries as SDL.

Some other sources of VET funds are Government development projects; development partners’ contributions; funds from internal sources like income-generating activities and training fees.

Promoting Vocational Educational and Training

VETA is charged with the role of promoting vocational education and training in the Country. VETA believes that the public can support VET if it is provided with adequate information about VET goals and activities. Promotion is carried by communicating VET to different stakeholders including the Government, parents, employers, employees, and donors. Other targets include current and prospective trainees, instructors; VET graduates legislators, trade unions, NGOs, and the media.

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VETA uses different media in communicating VET to stakeholders: through advertisement, VET week activities, public presentations, trade fairs, and exhibitions and publicity. Others include newsletters, annual reports, brochures, VET catalogs, websites, and other promotional materials.

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