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My Philippines Travel Level com: All App Details

Travelling is an essential aspect of human life, and people love exploring new places. If you are planning a trip to the Philippines or want to know how much you have traveled the country, then My Philippines Travel Level com is the app you need.

In this article, we will provide a detailed guide on the My Philippines Travel Level com application, including its features, how it works, and the story behind its creation.

Features of My Philippines Travel Level com:

The My Philippines Travel Level com website provides its users with various features that allow them to assess their travel level in the country. Here are some of the application’s notable features:

Interactive Map:

The application provides an interactive map of the Philippines that is divided into 83 provinces. Users can select any province and mark their travel level based on their experience of traveling to that province.

Travel Levels:

There are six different travel levels in the application, including Lived there, Stayed there, Visited there, Alighted there, Never Been there, and Passed there. Each level represents a different degree of travel experience in a particular area.

Automatic Score Update:

My Philippines Travel Level com automatically updates the user’s travel score whenever they mark their travel level in any province. The more provinces the user marks, the higher their travel score will be.

Inspired by Japanese App:

The idea behind My Philippines Travel Level com was inspired by a similar app in Japan, and the application is built using ReactJS.

Story Behind My Philippines Travel Level com:

My Philippines Travel Level com was created by a software engineer named Denz del Villar. During his stay in Japan in 2019, Denz discovered a similar app that inspired him to create an application for the Philippines’ users.

In April 2023, during a 10-hour layover in Singapore, Denz started working on the Philippines version of the app, and on April 13, 2023, he posted his travel score on his Instagram account.

Customer Review:

Since the application is relatively new, there are not many customer reviews available. However, when the app was launched, prominent personalities in the Philippines, including VP Leni Robredo, shared their travel scores on social media platforms.

I made a web app to visualize how well-travelled you are in the Philippines
byu/nicety_artwork inPhilippines

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, My Philippines Travel Level com is an excellent application for travelers who want to keep track of their travel experiences in the country.

The app’s interactive map and travel level features provide users with an accurate assessment of their travel experiences in different provinces. With Denz del Villar’s passion and dedication, My Philippines Travel Level com is poised to become a must-have application for travelers visiting the Philippines.

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