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how to get traffic to your website fast

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1. Write good content

As they say, content is king. Most of the time it is very difficult to write content, which is good, but it has several benefits that you cannot ignore.

As soon as you start posting articles, you will see that even if someone finds them, it will only take about 5-8 seconds to “read them.” If your content is not interesting, compelling, intriguing enough to capture the attention of your readers, they will simply leave and usually do so very quickly.

Therefore, its content must be informative, relevant and useful for the audience to which it is addressed.

If your content is poor, people will simply leave your site and never return. But if they find your content interesting, they are much more likely to share it, bookmark it or read more articles on your site, which will improve your search engine rankings and attract even more visitors.

2. Understand your audience

An investigation showed that people have three main motivations when they browse the web. Or they want to solve a problem, find information or have fun. Does your content resonate with any of these three? If not, your site will probably fail badly.

Your site should be useful for other people helping them solve their problems, helping them find the information they are looking for or helping them feel good.

Then, going back to our previous simple examples, you can start a website on “how to install your car’s new audio” to solve a problem, “what are the best car audios” to give information or “the funniest / scariest moments never recorded by a dash camera “to make it fun.

And it’s really the same with each topic, you should sit down and think about it: why would people want to visit (and revisit) your site from time to time? If there is no good reason, you must work to find one.

3. You care about SEO

SEO is a very broad topic and we will discuss it in another article. But soon: you should worry about the basics and trends of SEO. 10-20 years ago, you could simply write a decent article and get a lot of attention because there was no real competition in those days. But times have changed.

A lot of research on this topic has been done today and you simply cannot ignore its findings.

In a nutshell: your articles will receive much more attention if they are long (at least 2000 words), well organized, if you have in mind some keywords that you use intelligently in the text and headings. You must operate with many images, graphics, infographics, you must make it readable with several headings, paragraphs.

4. Comment on forums or posts

I think it will never go out of style. Find forums that are relevant to your niche or site and post valuable comments that are really useful for those who read it. Simply sending spam to any forum is not very useful, believe me, nobody will click on a spam link, they will simply ban it in a short time. But adding valuable information can arouse interest in what else you have and people will click on a link that is placed wisely with some kind of smart bait to click.

Commenting below a good post can also be useful as long as you really have something to add besides your link. If your comment is good enough, the website owners will leave your link on it, but if you shout “I am spam”, they will simply delete it, it is quite easy to remove the links.

5. Use more images

Using images is very important for several different reasons.

First, your site will look much better. People are very visual and the images will add a lot to the appearance of your website. We have already published an article about the importance of images and where you can find excellent and legal images for free.

Second, people often search for images in search engines. If you have the opportunity not only to use but to create a new image that looks good or useful to someone, then you can earn a lot of visitors in return. Have you ever wanted to buy a certain type of glass or kitchen item whose name was too general to get quality success? Then you go to Google image search and look for the glass that is closer than you had in mind.

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