Ada za Chuo cha Diplomasia Fee Structure PDF

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One of Tanzania’s higher education institutions is the Mozambique-Tanzania Centre for Foreign Relations, formally known as the Centre for Foreign Relations (CFR).

Ada za Chuo cha Diplomasia Fee Structure PDF

A deal between the governments of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) and the Republic of Mozambique led to the establishment of the Center in 1978.

The Immunities and Privileges Act No. 5 now includes the Center (1986). The Centre has been granted diplomatic status as a result of this incorporation. For working and aspiring professionals as well as the general public, the Center’s main purpose is to encourage development, awareness, and knowledge of issues of international relations at regional and global levels.

The CFR is constantly looking for new ways to improve its methods and share them with everyone working to advance world peace, understanding, security, and goodwill.

Ada Chuo Diplomasia
Ada Chuo Diplomasia

The Center was initially intended to provide education in international relations and diplomacy to residents of the two partner nations.

However, the Center had to admit students from other ministries, the private sector, and new students who had just finished their Advanced Level Secondary School education from both inside and outside Tanzania due to the expansion of foreign policy constituencies and the growing demands of each country to respond to global changes.

The Center became the ideal location for many students and diplomats with a variety of interests who wanted to learn and specialize in the areas demanded by their governments and, in fact, the private sector, as a result of the expanded role of and demand for economic diplomacy in the local and global arena.

New programs, such as those in economic diplomacy, foreign languages, strategic studies, and communication skills, were consequently launched. With such expansion, the Center currently has seven Departments offering a variety of courses. Additionally, the Center has opened a new location in Dodoma that provides courses for Postgraduate Diploma programs.

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