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5 Different Ideas For Virtual Celebration For Remote Teams

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During Covid-19, many companies started giving their employees an opportunity to work from home. Even after the pandemic is over, work from home is still in practice in various sectors all over the world. While working with a team that lives in different places, you can sometimes have free time and mingle with each other through various virtual celebrations.

Team or office celebrations and activities help build trust and communication between co-workers. Your teammate is also an individual, and celebrating their success or special days shows that you value them as a person. It is not necessary that you can have celebrations by being physically together because now you have various options available for a virtual party.

Ways To Celebrate Events With Your Team Virtually

1. Anniversary Celebration

You can celebrate the anniversary in two ways- office anniversary and work anniversary. Are you wondering what the difference between these two is? Here’s the difference, an office anniversary is celebrated on the day your company or office was established, whereas a work anniversary is celebrated for the employees on the day they joined your team.

Such celebrations can help you build good relationships with your teammates. There may be employees who have been working for a long time, so it’s a good way to appreciate their efforts and hard work.

2. Co-Worker’s Birthday Celebration

Birthday celebrations with co-workers help in building team unity, and people feel connected to each other despite the distance between them. So, you can throw a birthday party for your co-worker even if you are working virtually. You can go for cake delivery in Hyderabad, Karnataka, Chennai, or the places around India or overseas where your team member lives.

Each teammate can contribute and purchase a group gift for the birthday person as well. Since you can’t visit their place, you can give a virtual gift card too.

3. Virtual Art Time

Another great way to connect and communicate with your remote teammates is having a virtual art time with each other. Art time is full of fun and excitement, and you can be in a relaxed mood while doing this activity. It is a perfect way to boost your creativity and morale, which are the core ingredients for a successful team. In this way, you can create a bond with your co-workers, which leads to a productive team.

4. Guess Who Game

This is a virtual event for teammates if you know the addresses of the people you are working with. This game is similar to the secret Santa game as you have to order something for a certain team member, and they will have to guess who has sent them the item. You can order small gifts, food items, beverages, etc., at their home address.

Now in a zoom meeting, everyone opens the gifts received and tells who they think has sent them those, and the one who guesses right wins.

5. Virtual Holiday Celebration

You can have a virtual holiday celebration and have fun with various team-building activities through different online games such as holiday hijinks. This is a time-based game in which the participants have to solve cerebral, physical, and a few skill-based challenges. The game allows you to work together with your team members to complete the given tasks even though you are away from each other.

It is a great and fun way to build teamwork and skills while having a festive and jolly mood. And the best part is you don’t have to go out or meet anyone to play this adventurous game.

Some other virtual celebrations/ events for teams are virtual lunch day, zoom award show, escape the room, scavenger hunt, and online bingo day that can be organized once a month for relaxation or refreshment of the employees newsworldon.

Final Thoughts 

Virtual celebrations with remote teams can help you in creating a supportive working environment. Teammates motivate and inspire each other through various events that are held virtually. Only work and no fun can be dull for a person, so hosting small and fun events can help in maintaining the work and fun balance.

Having a fun and positive environment at the workplace can help the team to stay focussed on their goals, and they can enjoy working and festive/ events together.

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