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System for paying car fees online (ada Za Magari) Kodi ya Magari (Gari)

ada Za Magari

System for paying car fees online (Ada Za Magari) Kodi ya Magari (Gari), Jinsi Ya Kulipia Kodi /Ushuru/Ada Ya Gari au Magari in Tanzania. in This Article You Will Read Everything.

Car fees online (ada Za Magari).

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has established a system that will improve the collection of revenue from motor vehicle fees. The system has been officially launched on 9 August 2013.

With the introduction of this system, all car tax payments will be made online in the sense of using mobile phones, banks, and Maxmalipo agents. This will enable taxpayers to pay vehicle fees without arriving at TRA offices except for taking car cards (stickers).

This system will be used to pay annual vehicle fees, vehicle ownership transfer fees, and other fees related to motor vehicle registration.


This system has been developed due to many benefits such as:

  • This system is easy to use and will reduce unnecessary congestion at the Revenue Authority offices and banks thus enabling the taxpayer to pay his car fees anywhere in the country.
  • This system expands the scope of tax payment methods and therefore gives the taxpayer the freedom to choose a method that he or she finds easy to use due to the environment in which he or she will be located.
  • Also, by using this process, the taxpayer can verify the number of car fees he is required to pay and thus avoid fraud by dishonest people.
  • This system is secure as it is guaranteed that all tax payments go to the Central Bank as it involves internet communication without involving anyone.
  • On the other hand, this system enables TRA to collect taxes at a lower cost.


Understand the tax rate. Send a message with the word “Estimate” or “Assess” leave space to write down car numbers for example RATE T765AAU to 15341.
Sign up: Send a message with the word; “Register” leave space and enter the relevant vehicle number eg REGISTER T765AAU. Send the message to 15341. After that, the taxpayer will receive a message of a reference number.
Make payments using TIGO PESA, M-PESA, AIRTEL MONEY, CRDB Bank or MAXMALIPO agent using the reference number you received. Company numbers are TIGO-PESA and M-PESA is 800600. AIRTEL-MONEY is TRAMAGARI.
Take the card: (car sticker): go to any TRA office with the reference number you used to make the payment.

No agent will be allowed to take the car card but only the owner of the car will be allowed to take the car card. To be able to pick up a car card, in addition to having a reference number, the car owner must have any identity card such as a driver’s license, social security ID card, National ID card, voter ID or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

MotorVehcle fee rates (Viwango vya ada za magari)

SN Engine Size Fee Fire Equipment Inspection Fee Total
1 0 – 500. cc 50,000/= 10,000/= 60,000/=
2 501- 150,000/= 20,000/= 170,000/=
3 1501- 200,000/= 30,000/= 230,000/=
4 Zaidi ya 250,000/= 40,000/= 290,000/=


Note: Motorcycles are exempt from paying annual fees unless they are required to pay a fire equipment inspection fee which is TSh 10,000 / =

For those who need to change vehicle ownership, request a copy of the vehicle, and change the vehicle information they are required to come to the TRA office for estimation as well as to enter the information into the vehicle system.

For more information on how the system works, please contact TRA Customer Service Center by calling the toll-free number: –

  • 0786 800 000 for Airtel users
  • 0713 800 333 for Tigo users
  • 0800110016 for Vodacom and TTCL users


Ada Za Magari
Ada Za Magari

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