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Tozo za Miamala ya Simu | Mobile Transaction Fees/Charges in Tanzania

Tozo Za Miamala Ya Simu
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Tozo za Miamala ya Simu Tanzania | Mobile Transaction Fees/Charges in Tanzania;- THE GOVERNMENT said new tariffs for mobile transactions will improve the lives of citizens by implementing various projects including in the health, education, water, and infrastructure sectors.

Mobile Transaction Fees/Charges in Tanzania | Tozo za Miamala ya Simu

Last Thursday, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Emmanuel Tutuba said through the levies, every Tanzanian who uses the mobile service will contribute a little to build his country and that is why they are called patriotic levies.

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Tozo za Miamala ya Simu“These are patriotic levies, out of Sh1,000 if you contribute Sh10 to save the life of a mother giving birth to a better road that will allow her to access health care easily, there is no problem,” said Tutuba.

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Tozo za Miamala ya Simu;-Recently, the Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. Mwigulu Nchemba was quoted as saying that the rate of telephone transactions will be deducted from Sh 1,000 to 2,000 the user will be deducted Sh 10, from Sh 20,000 to 30,000 will be deducted Sh 960, Sh 100,000 to 200,000 will be deducted Sh 2,500 and Sh million one to Shs three million and onwards will be deducted Shs 10,000.

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Tozo za Miamala ya Simu “For example, so far the largest taxpayers in the country are 504, the registered number is 3,100,062 million, now if these are taxpayers and you have projects that require Sh 23 trillion and so on we have not mentioned other projects such as bridges, connecting roads and then we have not gone to our villages that we say It is very important. How can we make all the payments fall to these people I mentioned, “he said.

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In one of the charts, the phone companies show, a person sending Sh 1,000 the government takes Sh 10, Sh 2,000 -2,999 the government takes Sh 16, Sh 10,000 -14,999 the government takes Sh 320, Sh. one million-3,000,000 the government takes Sh 9,400 and 3,000,000 and so on the government takes Sh 10,000,000.

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The government’s budget presented and approved in parliament last month stated that the deductions for telephone transactions are due to the amendment of the Postal and Electronic Communications Act, Chapter 306.
Presenting the budget, Dr Mwigulu said through the amendments, the transactions will charge Shs 10 to Shs 10,000 for each transaction or payment and that the amount of the levy varies depending on the value of the transaction being sent or delivered.

Dr Mwigulu said the deductions would increase government revenue by Sh 1.25 trillion.
But also through the amendment, he said the government will charge Shs 10 to 200 per day per call line depending on the ability to increase the balance for consumers. He said the deductions would enable the government to increase revenue of Sh 396.30 billion.

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Altai 6, this year, the Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government (Tamisemi) said the additional funding from the new telephone transaction fees will be used to complete the construction of classrooms in primary and secondary schools in the country.

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