Makato ya airtel money (Viwango vya Airtel Money) Airtel Money Transaction Fees

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Airtel Tanzania was launched in October 2001 and is the most innovative mobile operator in Tanzania, which has provided many “firsts” in the telecom sector.

Makato Mapya ya Miamala kwa Watumiaji Wa Airtel Money.

Before the patriotic tax, Airtel Money customers used to deduct only Sh350 online to send Sh15,000 but now they will pay Sh960 and they used to deduct Sh550 to another network but it has increased to Sh1,160. When they want to give, they will pay Sh2,010 instead of the original Sh1,400.

Makato Mapya ya Miamala ya Simu (New Charges for Mobile Transactions)


Makato ya airtel money (Viwango vya Makato Airtel Money).

From To Cash Out Fees at an Airtel Money Agent or ATM
50 499 20
500 999 38
1,000 2,499 80
2,500 4,999 160
5,000 9,999 350
10,000 14,999 600
15,000 19,999 720
20,000 24,999 920
25,000 29,999 1050
30,000 39,999 1250
40,000 49,999 1500
50,000 59,999 1900
60,000 79,999 2300
80,000 99,999 2750
100,000 124,999 3250
125,000 149,999 3500
150,000 199,999 3750
200,000 299,999 4500
300,000 399,999 5500
400,000 750,000 7000

You can receive, deposit or withdraw up to 750,000 per day

  • Every time you are sending money remember to check the recipient name and phone number to avoid reversals
  • It’s FREE to access these services; Airtel Money balance, airtime top-up, purchase data bundles, and change PIN
  • To speak to Customer Service dial 211 for free, visit any Airtel Shop or Airtel Money Branch.

Dial *211# to get started or use My Airtel App

*Note that Airtel Money Tariffs are charged by the system. Customers should not accept any charges outside the system

Airtel Tanzania subscribers can access the only network that allows them to roam at local rates while in East Africa. These services include:

1. GPRS Services – Internet, WAP and MMS
2. Me2U
3. Mobile phone recharge
4. SMS information services
5. Prepaid plans
6. Postpaid Plans
7. International Roaming
8. Local and international SMS
9. 24-hour customer service center
10. We also offer value added services that come as a standard package on our network.

Soma Zaidi Kuhusu Airtel Vifurushi.

vifurushi vya airtel (Airtel Packages) Bei za Vifurushi Aitel

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