The "assertive" thumbs-up emoji  Cancelled, now Gen Z wishes to ban these other nine instead.

The ubiquitous thumbs-up emoji is being criticized by Gen Zers for being "rude" and "aggressive," 

In a post, a Reddit user admitted that they weren't old enough to feel at ease with the thumbs-up emoji reaction.

The thumbs-up emoji is frequently used in a passive-aggressive manner by younger individuals, according to a 24-year-old Reddit user. 

But other users claim that this emoji isn't the only one whose use causes them pain; they also claim that other emojis have similar problems. 

We can discover that Gen Z banned emojis first from workplace: "OK" hand, checkmark, red heart, thumbs-up, loudly sobbing face Eyes covered by a monkey, clapping hands, a lipstick kiss mark, and a grimace