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The thumbs-up emoji has been discontinued by Gen Z because it is “aggressive.”

gen z emojis thumbs up
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The well-known thumbs-up emoji is being criticized by Gen Zers for being “rude” and “aggressive,” and some even claim that anytime they see it used at work, they feel attacked.

Others responded to a Reddit user who admitted to being “not grownup enough to be comfortable with the thumbs-up emoji reaction” by agreeing and calling out other widely used emojis like the red heart.

The thumbs-up emoji is frequently used in a passive-aggressive manner by younger individuals, according to a 24-year-old Reddit user.

They said, “If someone merely sends you a thumbs up, that’s really disrespectful.” The fact that my workplace is the same means that I also had a strange time adjusting.

Older employees was perplexed by the response, adding that they frequently use the thumbs-up sign to indicate “I approve” or “I understand and will obey” in workplace conversations.

The fact that young people frequently utilize the thumbs up in jest is part of the problem.

Barry Kennedy, 24, told The Post, “I only use it ironically, but sometimes I’m not even sure if the sarcasm comes over. He claimed that he exclusively used it to speak with older people, such as his parents or older coworkers.

It was attributed by one unnamed office worker to a “generational communication culture gap.”

The thumbs-up emoji has been formally discontinued by a number of Generation Zers after being labeled passive-aggressive.
The thumbs-up emoji has been formally discontinued by a number of Gen Zers since it was thought to be passive-aggressive.

Gen Z Emojis Thumbs Up
Gen Z Emojis Thumbs Up

They wrote, “The gen X people always do that, but everyone my age in the office doesn’t do it.” It took me some time to get used to it and to stop thinking that they were upset with me.

Some people commented that it seems contemptuous.

The thumbs up actually signifies, according to a Reddit user, “I’ve read your letter and have nothing [to] contribute and I hope and pray… ” Everyone in this massive group chat has nothing to say about it.

Kim Law, a social worker from Massapequa who is 25 years old, told The Post that “we’re people and we have words to use.” “You shouldn’t just give a quick reply if I take the time to write you a serious message. Fix it and provide a sincere response.

Reddit users who supported the move to scrap the emoji claimed that using it in a professional setting made team members appear “unfriendly” and “unaccommodating.”

Elaine Swann, a lifestyle and etiquette expert who has conducted corporate training on the subject, suggests avoiding the use of emojis in all professional settings, if only to prevent misunderstandings.

Swann told The Post that “[Emojis] can be viewed as disrespectful.” Generation to generation, it can vary. People want to feel heard across the board, and not everyone gets that from emojis.

On Reddit, several people felt that the heart emoji was the most improper but that the thumbs-up emoji was less offensive.

“To me, the thumbs up is just easy agreeing, whereas the heart is designated for friends and family, and has a deeper intimate meaning of affection,” said one person. “I genuinely think using a heart emoji for work messages is strange. When someone says, “I acquired a new kitten,” or “Susie did a really excellent job,” I use heart emoticons, said another.

But it’s possible that the heart is also going out of style. According to a Perspectus Global survey of 2,000 people, most respondents between the ages of 16 and 29 think that using the thumbs-up or love emoji indicates that you are “officially old.”

The following are in the list of “canceled” emojis:

A thumbs-up
“OK” hand and a red heart
Mark with a checkmark
Poo 💩
loudly sobbing face
eye-covering monkey
clapping your hands
Lipstick smooch mark
grimacing visage

Emoji have been the subject of numerous studies, one of which claimed that using them in professional communications could make you appear less powerful.

According to a different study, utilizing the popular eggplant emoji when dating is actually a huge turnoff.

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