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UNEB UCE Results 2022/2023 UNEB UACE Results

UNEB UCE Results 2022/2023 UNEB UACE Results, S4 results 2022;- The UNEB UCE Results 2022 has been released and published online. Check Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB UCE Results 2022 PDF Download  here and Learn How to Check UNEB UCE Results 2023.

UNEB UCE Results: Students who have appeared to this exam will be able to check their marks by name & Examination number. Candidates can know the results from its official Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB website as well as using below given link in this post.

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UNEB UCE Results UNEB UACE Results 2022;

How to Check UNEB Results Online:-

  • Visit the UNEB eReg Portal via https://ereg.uneb.ac.ug/results
  • On the Results Page, Enter your Index Number.
  • Click on Search and wait for your results to show up on the next page.

Uce 2022 Results Out Thursday,09 2023

This Thursday, February 9, 2022, at State House in Nakasero, the results of the 2022 Uganda Certificate of Education Examination (UCE) will be announced. The event will begin at 11:00 am, and Mama Janet K. Museveni, the honorary minister of education and sports, will preside. Several public radio and television stations as well as the UNEB social media platforms, including @UNEB UG, will broadcast and webcast it live.

4185 Exam Centers enrolled a total of 349,459 candidates for the exam. This is in comparison to the 333,396 applicants who registered for the final 2020 UCE exam, showing an increase of 16,063 candidates. Males made up 50.3% of the registered candidates, while females made up 49.7%.

The number of candidates who actually took the exam compared to those who registered to do so, as well as the overall comparative performance and performance by gender, are scheduled to be disclosed by the UNEB Executive Director, Mr. Dan Odongo.

The highly scientific event’s invited guests are anticipated to begin arriving around 9:00 a.m.

Through the Short Message Services (SMS)

Through the Short Message Services (SMS) on mobile phone handsets, parents, candidates, and other interested parties can get results as soon as they are made available.

To send a message to 6600, one must know the candidate’s complete index number, open the Message menu on their phone, type UCE, leave a space, and then type the candidate’s complete index number.

The results of the #UCE2022 will be released this Thursday February 9th, 2023, at State House, Nakasero. The function will start at 11:00 am, and will be presided over by the Hon. Minister of

How to Check UNEB Results via SMS:

This is done by sending a simple SMS to 6600.

  1. For P7 UNEB PLE Results, go to messages on your phone and type PLE <space> Index No e.g. PLE 000001/001 and send this to 6600.
  2. For S4 UNEB UCE Results, go to messages on your phone and type UCE <space> Index No e.g. UCE U0001/001 and send this to 6600.
  3. For S6 UNEB UACE Results, go to messages on your phone and type UACE <space> Index No e.g. UACE U0001/501 and send this to 6600.
  4. For Technical Institute results, go to messages on your phone and type TECH <space> Index No e.g. TECH UT002/0001 and send this to 6600.

Contacts & Address Uganda National Examinations Board

  •  P.O. Box 7066,KAMPALA, Uganda Ntinda
  • Tel: 0417-773100, 0414-289397 Fax: 0414289397
  • KyambogoTel: 0312 260753, 0414 289399, 286173
  • Fax: 0312 260752 E-mail: uneb@uneb.ac.ug Website: www.uneb.ac.ug

Check Here Now for UNEB UCE Results 2022/2023. The Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) Results from the 2022 Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) have been made public by the Minister for Education and Sports.

The Office of the President Auditorium in Kampala has announced the results. The UNEB Chairperson spoke at the event and gave statistics on the outcomes in terms of percentages.

About The Uganda National Examinations Board

The Uganda National Examinations Board was established by an Act of Parliament in 1983, Cap 137 Laws of Uganda; legalizing all actions taken with effect from 1st July 1980 when it effectively started operating.

The Board is a body corporate mandated to conduct and manage examinations in Uganda for the end of the educational cycle at Primary and Secondary school level: and to conduct examination-related research.

The functions of UNEB are to:

  • Conduct Primary, Secondary, And Any Other Exams In Uganda That Are Deemed Necessary In The Welfare Of The Public;
  • Publicize The Results Of Previous Tests;
  • The Giving Of Certificates To Those Who Pass These Tests;
  • Invite Any Individuals Or Organizations From Outside Of Uganda As It Sees Proper, And Conduct Academic And Other Exams Together;
  • Provide Outstanding Candidates With Approved Certificates In Collaboration With The Invited Organizations;
  • Allow Other Organizations To Conduct Exams And Give Suitable Certificates Or Diplomas, As It Sees Fit;
  • Advise Anybody Or Bodies So Invited Under Clause (F) Regarding The Adoption Of Examinations Required For Uganda And To Aid Any Such Body Or Entities In Conducting Such Examinations;
  • Arrange For The Study To Be Done And The Creation Of The Testing Systems;
  • Develop Regulations Governing The Conduct Of Exams And Any Objectives Related Thereto.

The UNEB was created by an Act of Parliament in 1983, Cap 137 Laws of Uganda, which made all measures done with effect as of July 1, 1980, the day it actually began working, legally binding.

The Board is a corporate body tasked with managing and administering examinations in Uganda for the completion of the primary and secondary school cycles, as well as doing research on examinations.

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