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[TSC Online Payslip] Registration Requirements, login and Download

[TSC Online Payslip] Registration Requirements, login and Download;- TSC Online Pay slip; Teachers Service Commission staff in Kenya can now log in, register and download their TSC payslips online. All one needs to do is to Register membership then the TSC number is used as the username and you create a password of your choice. 2021/2022

TSC Online Payslip Teachers Service Commission was established in 1967, its history dates back to the 1950s when teachers led by retired President Daniel T Moi vigorously fought for the formation of one teacher body.

TSC Online Payslip Following the formation of the first teachers union in Kenya – the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) in 1957 there was sustained agitation for the creation of an umbrella body to manage the affairs of all teachers. At the time, teachers were employed by either; missionaries, local authorities or the Central Government which led to a great disparity in remuneration and other terms and conditions of service.

[TSC Online Payslip] Registration Requirements, login and Download

The Teachers Service Commission Act 2012 Article 237, requires the commission to register all qualified teachers before they can teach in any public or private institution.

A teacher who meets the requirements for registration will be issued with the certificate of Registration bearing a TSC number within 30 days. The names of all registered teachers will be published every year.

TSC Online Payslip 2021 Registration Requirements, login and Download;

TSC Payslips Online Login and Download

Once you have registered for the TSC payslip online, you can log in to access your TSC Payslip through Where you will be required to enter your TSC number and password previously created.

Once you have TSC payslip online login details, you can get payslips for any month. The TSC Payslips online on Teachers Service Commission website in Kenya usually provides information about which month’s payslips are available.

TSC Online Payslips Registration

To get a TSC payslip online in Kenya, teachers should access the Teachers Service Commission website on and click on registering for payslips online. You can also click directly to registering for a payslip in Kenya online via

To get online payslips in Kenya, you need to fill out the form on the page that appears after clicking register for a payslip here. The form for getting a payslip online requires Kenyans to provide truthful details about:

  1. TSC number,
  2. Names,
  3. ID number,
  4. KRA Tax PIN,
  5. Date of birth,
  6. Designation code,
  7. Pay station code,
  8. Bank account number,
  1. Mobile number,
  2. Personal email address.
  3. Kenyans are also required to create a new password, to confirm the new password and to select a unique secret question and an answer to the secret question for easy recovery of the account.

Requirements for TSC Online Payslip Registration:

Applicants for TSC registration are required to apply for registration online and the user-guide is also available.

One should scan and upload the following documents TSC registration online

  1. Certified copies of academic and professional certificates , the national identity card and (1) passport photo size.
  2. Entry and work permits for non-Kenyans.
  3. Deposit Ksh 550 through Direct Banking or Simple Banking . (KSh 500 is a non refundable registration fee and ksh 50 for Bank Commission Charge to the TSC). For Simple Banking click M-pesa user guide.

Bank Account details required for TSC registration are:

  1. Bank Name: National Bank 0f Kenya – Harambee Avenue Branch, Nairobi
  2. Account Name: Teachers Service Commission – Teachers Registration Fees
  3. Number: 01001000905001
  4. M-pesa details are: Business Number – 547700

TSC Online Registration Status

All the components of the TSC online payslip registration form in Kenya are mandatory and the applicants are required to provide truthful details.

You can get deregistered on the TSC Online payslip account where your account is suspected of fraudulent details or wrong information.

You can email the Teachers Service Commission in Kenya about any enquiries on getting payslips online in Kenya via

TSC Online Services

TSC Advertised Posts

The Commission Advertise for vacant Post for teachers. This online System allows you to apply for any post you qualify and gives you the opportunities to track every stage of processing up to Appointment. NOTE: If you apply online you don’t need to submit for a Hard copy version to the commission, and also no payment is required of any kind. As a teacher, you are not expected to register again with the Commission.

TSC Entry / Exit Returns

These are returns filled and filed by the head teachers, administrators or authorized officers entrusted with the responsibility by the Commission for onward respective processing at the Head Office and proper communications once Logged in by Head of Institution.

TSC Teachers Registration

In accordance with article 237 of the Constitution of Kenya, Section 23 of TSC Act No. 20 of 2012, it’s an offense for any person to engage in the teaching service unless such a person is registered as a teacher. The system provides a platform for online application and registration.

For Any Inquiries On Teacher Registration Call, 020-2892351 Or Send an E-mail to and For Adverts and Promotions, Send an E-mail to: (general); Telephone No: 020-2892000

Mistakes to avoid while doing your TSC payslip registration

Do not enter invalid credentials in your TSC registration form

Invalid details are strictly to be avoided. However, if you are trying for Tsc payslip login/register with an invalid name just carefully ensure that the names filled by you start with a capital letter followed by the remaining in small letters.

Avoid uploading wrong certificates to the TCS portal

Certified copies of your professional and academic certificates are required. Make sure that they are correct.

Do not delay in depositing the registration fee

The bank name, account name, and number, plus M-Pesa details are already provided by the authorities so they expect an on-time payment. Delay in the payment is thus not acceptable and the registration might turn to be avoid.

Mistakes while entering TSC registration bank account is risky

Since TSC have already provided the details for their bank account, entering it wrongly is very costly because the money will go to a different account thus delaying your registration process. Avoid it.

Avoid TSC payslip registration fraudulent details

All the components in the registration for TSC payslip are strictly mandatory and it is mandatory for the applicants to provide accurate details about their credentials. Immediate de-registration might occur if fraudulent details are encountered.

Do not forget to check your registration status

Double check if your registration has been successful, Go for a detailed survey if all the credentials have been properly and accurately used for your registration.

Try to avoid agencies/consultancy for your registration

Remember that you should try to not let any sort of agencies, consultancies or middlemen for this registration purpose. There may be offices advertising, Online tsc payslip, Payslip online tsc and such, be careful of such hoax. Your credentials might be used for unethical malpractices which might cause you trouble in the future.

TSC Online Payslips Frequently Asked Questions

My salary was sent to the wrong station

Returned salaries are received by the Revenue Division at the T.S.C headquarters. If for genuine reasons your salary was returned and the division verifies that the case is genuine, they should be able to refund the amount due to you as soon as you contact them

In 1964, The Kenya Education Commission Report (The Ominde Report) strongly supported the need for a competent, respected and contented teaching force. As a result of these factors, the Teachers Service Commission was formed in July 1967 through an Act of Parliament to give teachers one employer and uniform terms and conditions of service. It was charged with the mandate of registering, employing, promoting, disciplining and paying teachers.

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