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Picha Za Zuchu Zote Mpya – Photos of Zuchu Checkout

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Zuhura Othman Soud, best known by her stage name Zuchu, is a Tanzanian singer and composer who was born in Zanzibar on November 22, 1993.

Zuchu Background & Early Life

She is located in Dar es Salaam and has a record deal with WCB Wasafi. She received the Silver Plaque Button from YouTube after a week and achieving 100,000 followers.

Within a week, she became the first female artist from East Africa to accomplish that feat. Eleven months later, she became the first female singer from East Africa to have one million YouTube subscribers. Zuchu was selected by AFRIMMA to receive the Emerging Artist Award in 2020.

Private life

Zuchu hails from a musical Zanzibari family with Swahili roots. She is the beloved and well-known female Zanzibari Taarab musician Khadija Kopa’s daughter.

Zuchu began singing at a young age, and she later worked with her mother Khadija Kopa on the song “Mauzauza” for her self-titled first EP.

Picha Za Zuchu Zote

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Picha Za Zuchu 1

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Picha Za Zuchu 2

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Picha Za Zuchu 3

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The first installment of TECNO OWN THE STAGE in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2015 was one of her first public performances as an artist.


I Am Zuchu, Zuchu’s first EP album, was published in 2020 and has a total of 7 tracks.

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