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GCE O-Level Syllabuses Examined for School Candidates 2022

GCE O-Level Syllabuses Examined for School Candidates 2022;- Here are the 2022 GCE O-Level examination syllabuses that are offered to school candidates. For syllabuses that have been revised, the specimen papers are available on the website for three years, including the year.

GCE O-Level Syllabuses Examined for School Candidates

understanding that some items / images / resources may not be available in these online specimen papers, due to copyright restrictions. In such cases, a description of the item / image / resource, and/or a web-link may be provided. The full specimen paper, in printed format, may be purchased from SEAB.

Cambridge Subjects

Subject Title Language Medium Subject Code Specimen Papers for
Revised Syllabus
[Year of Posting]
English Language * English 1128
Arabic as a 3rd Language Arabic 1135
Bahasa Indonesia as a 3rd Language Bahasa Indonesia 1136
Literature in English English 2065
History # English 2174
Geography English 2236
Humanities (Social Studies, Geography) English 2272
Humanities (Social Studies, History) English 2273
Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in English) English 2274
Economics ^ English 2286
Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in Chinese) English 2287
Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in Malay) English 2288
Humanities (Social Studies, Literature in Tamil) English 2289
Drama English 2299
Spanish Spanish 3034
Hindi Hindi 3194
Urdu Urdu 3196
Gujarati Gujarati 3199
Panjabi Panjabi 3203
Bengali Bengali 3215
Burmese Burmese 3249
Thai Thai 3260
French French 3917
German German 3918
Japanese Japanese 3919 Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper 3 (Transcript)
Mathematics * English 4048
Additional Mathematics English 4049 Paper 1
Paper 2
Science (Physics, Chemistry) English 5076
Science (Physics, Biology) English 5077
Science (Chemistry, Biology) English 5078
Electronics English 6063
Music English 6085
Higher Music English 6086
Physics # English 6091
Chemistry # English 6092
Biology # English 6093
Nutrition and Food Science [Revised] English 6097 Paper 1
Paper 2
Art English 6123
Higher Art English 6124
Design & Technology English 7059
Business Studies ^ English 7085
Principles of Accounts English 7087 Paper 1
Paper 2
Computing English 7155
* Last year of exam in 2023; for 5N and repeat 4E students only

# Last year of exam in 2023

^ These subjects are applicable only for candidates from schools approved to offer the subjects

Applied Subjects

Subject Title Language Medium Subject Code
Biotechnology English NP04
Design Studies English NP05
The above Applied Subjects are applicable only to candidates from schools that are approved to offer the subjects. If you are registering for Applied Subjects, you will need to pay the subject fees quoted by the examining agencies.

Local Subjects

Subject Title Language Medium Subject Code
Higher Chinese Chinese 1116
Chinese B + Chinese 1153
Chinese Chinese 1160
Chinese (Special Programme) Chinese 1166
Literature in Chinese Chinese 2031
Higher Malay Malay 1117
Malay (Special Programme) Malay 1133
Malay Malay 1148
Malay B + Malay 1151
Literature in Malay Malay 2032
Higher Tamil Tamil 1147
Tamil B + Tamil 1152
Tamil Tamil 1157
Literature in Tamil Tamil 2033
Exercise And Sports Science English 6081

Mother Tongue B is not a GCE O-Level subject

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