Download MOD APK Latest Version (Unlimited Money, Weapons) For Android

Download MOD APK Latest Version (Unlimited money, weapons) for Android

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Download MOD APK Latest Version (Unlimited money, weapons) for Android MOD APK, Have you noticed that the popularity of fighting and survival games has increased dramatically in the last few years? These games have the power to provide 100% entertainment with the perfect amount of action and adventure! Nowadays, we can find many survival games online. One of them is MOD APK! Check out the entire article to know more about it!

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Download Mod Apk Latest Version (Unlimited Money, Weapons) For Android 6 MOD APK Details.

Apk Version2.6.1
Apk Size66MB
Lastly, Updated onNovember 2020
Android SupportYes MOD APK Gameplay

If you consider yourself a big fan of fighting and survival games then MOD APK is an excellent game for you. We know its gameplay isn’t as complicated as other fighting games, but it’s still fun enough to keep you all entertained. Also, his story isn’t as deep as well. This gives us an ideal opportunity for instant communication with the game and more fun playing it.

This game also works like a battle royale survival game in the beginning. The moment you start your tour, you have to quickly search for weapons to eliminate your opponents. However, there is a big difference between MOD APK and other battle royale games. It does not have any effective weapons such as shotguns, grenades, launchers, etc. You can only use the axes here! Right! Axes are the main weapons here! It’s like we’re getting back into the fights of aging!

Your main goal is to survive until the end of the round to emerge victorious. Also remember that you have to throw your ax to kill your enemies. Yes, you can aim your shot in game. However, you must be very careful in setting your goal. If you miss, your opponents will crush you like a small piece of chicken!

Game screen controls are provided to all players. The difficulty level remains easy at the beginning and becomes difficult quickly as the game progresses. Additionally, you can change your player name in the game. Just visit the main menu to change it.

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Features of MOD APK

Simple controls and user interface

Controls are provided on the players’ screens. The joystick on the left side will help you move in the desired directions. While the ax control on the right side helps you swing your bloody ax!

Plus, it provides an easy user interface. It definitely helps us quickly connect to the game.

A variety of skills

You have to keep passing levels to upgrade your skills in the game. When you level up, you will be given three random skills but you have to select one of them. You can improve various abilities within the game such as speed, health, attack speed, range, and much more.

Various modes

It doesn’t matter if you play this game online or offline you can still advance in it. Yes! You can play and enjoy it anytime you want! It does not require an internet connection at all.

It also has a multiplayer mode that allows you to fight multiple players simultaneously. You must remember that each round has a fixed time limit. If the score remains the highest at the end of each round, you will emerge victorious.

Unlocked characters and weapons

Each character unlocked in our mod apk file. The original version of the game does not allow you to choose any character at the beginning. You have to win rounds and earn rewards to unlock characters in the game.

Other than axes, you can also use other weapons like arrows, knives, and many more. Feeling like a real Viking? Oh ya!


The graphics are very simple compared to other battle royale survival games. If you look closely, it might look like LEGO games. These LEGO-style characters excel at attracting players towards the game. Also, a map for all players is provided at the top of your games screen.

Unlimited money

Yes! Like all other apk files, this game also contains this precious mod! It makes our game very easy, right? It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any gems at all, you can use this mod feature to buy anything in the game.

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The process of installing MOD APK

Method: for Android;

  1. Download the apk file from here
  2. Now install Mod APK by allowing unknown source in your Android device
  3. Now open the Mod apk app
  4. Enjoy the hack features of Mod APK in your Android device
  5. That’s it, you have successfully installed the Mod APK in your device

Download apk mod here

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