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Orodha Ya Wanafunzi/Majina Waliochaguliwa Shule Moja Form five Kidato cha Tano 2024/2025 TAMISEMI Selected More Than One School

Orodha Ya Wanafunzi/Majina Waliochaguliwa Shule Moja Form five Kidato cha Tano 2024/2025 TAMISEMI Selected More Than One School, Form Five Selecton 2024/25 Majina ya waliochaguliwa kujiunga kidato cha tano 2024. The release of the Form Five selections by TAMISEMI is a defining moment for secondary school graduates in Tanzania.

However, the 2024/2025 selection process has presented a unique situation where some students, referred to as “Wanafunzi Waliochaguliwa Shule Moja,” find themselves selected for more than one school.

This occurrence, known as double allocation, can cause confusion and concern among students and parents alike. This blog post aims to clarify the issue, outline the steps to resolve it, and provide guidance for students who are navigating this scenario.

Double Allocation

Double allocation happens when a student is selected to join two or more different schools for their Form Five education. This can occur due to system errors or when schools independently select the same student due to their outstanding performance. While it’s a testament to the student’s academic prowess, it requires prompt resolution to ensure a smooth transition to A-Level studies.

The Implications of Being Selected for Multiple Schools

  • Administrative Confusion: Double allocation can lead to administrative challenges for both the schools and the student involved.
  • Placement Delays: It may cause delays in finalizing the student’s placement, affecting their preparation for the school year.
  • Opportunity Costs: Other students who are waiting for placement might miss out on a spot due to the held-up slots.

Steps to Resolve Double Allocation

Confirm the Double Allocation

  • Students should first verify their selection status on the TAMISEMI website to confirm if they have indeed been selected for more than one school.

Report the Issue

  • Once confirmed, students or their guardians must report the double allocation to TAMISEMI or the respective regional education offices as soon as possible.

Await Further Instructions

  • TAMISEMI will typically provide instructions on how to proceed. This may involve choosing one school over the other or waiting for TAMISEMI to resolve the issue.

Follow Up

  • Keep in regular contact with the relevant authorities to ensure that the matter is being addressed and to receive updates on the resolution process.

Preparing for the Next Steps

Stay Informed

  • Regularly check the official TAMISEMI website and other reliable sources for updates on the resolution of double allocations.

Be Proactive

  • Begin preparing for your A-Level studies by reviewing relevant subjects and familiarizing yourself with the curriculum.

Engage with Schools

  • If possible, reach out to both schools where you have been selected to express your situation and seek their advice on the matter.


Being selected for more than one school is a rare and complex situation that requires careful handling. It’s important for students and their guardians to act swiftly and follow the proper channels to resolve the issue. By staying informed, proactive, and in communication with the relevant authorities, students can overcome the confusion of double allocation and focus on their upcoming academic journey.

Remember, this hiccup is just a small part of a larger educational adventure that awaits in Form Five. With patience and persistence, students will be able to embark on this exciting new chapter of their lives.

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