Tim Wakefield’s Wife Battles Cancer: Wiki, Biography, Kids, Religion, Ethnicity, and Death Updates

Tim Wakefield was a beloved American professional baseball pitcher who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Boston Red Sox. He began his Major League Baseball (MLB) career with the Pirates and is most remembered for his 17-year tenure with the Red Sox, from 1995 until his retirement in 2012. He was known for his signature pitch, the knuckleball, which he used to become the third winningest pitcher in Red Sox history.

In October 2023, Tim Wakefield passed away at the age of 57 due to brain cancer. His passing was mourned by many fans and players alike, who remembered him as a talented and dedicated athlete. Wakefield’s wife, Stacy, was also sick at the time of his death and had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The couple had faced cancer together, and their story touched the hearts of many.

This article will explore the life and career of Tim Wakefield, as well as his wife Stacy’s battle with cancer. It will provide information about Wakefield’s early life and career, his achievements as a baseball player, and his impact on the sport. Additionally, it will discuss Stacy’s illness and how the couple faced their health challenges together.

Tim Wakefield’s Personal Life

Wife’s Battle with Cancer

Tim Wakefield’s wife, Stacy Wakefield, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away on February 26, 2024, at the age of 53 [1]. Stacy’s battle with cancer was a difficult time for the Wakefield family, and her passing was a great loss to them.


Tim and Stacy Wakefield had two children together, Trevor and Brianna. The family was very close, and Tim was a devoted husband and father. After Stacy’s passing, Tim and his children are left to mourn her loss and find ways to cope with their grief.


Tim Wakefield’s wife, Stacy, died months after Tim’s death. Tim Wakefield passed away on October 1, 2023, at the age of 57, after a battle with brain cancer [1]. The Wakefield family has experienced a great deal of loss in a short amount of time, and they are undoubtedly struggling to come to terms with it.

In conclusion, Tim Wakefield’s personal life has been marked by tragedy in recent years. His wife’s battle with cancer and subsequent passing, as well as his own battle with brain cancer and passing, have left a deep impact on his family and loved ones.

Background Information

Tim Wakefield was a former Major League Baseball player who was known for his signature pitch, the knuckleball. He was born on August 2, 1966, in Melbourne, Florida. Wakefield played for the Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Red Sox, and the New York Mets during his 19-year career in the league.


There is no information available about Tim Wakefield’s religion. He has not publicly spoken about his religious beliefs, and there are no reports of him being affiliated with any particular faith.


Tim Wakefield was of Caucasian ethnicity. He was born and raised in Florida, which has a predominantly White population. Wakefield’s ancestry has not been publicly disclosed, but based on his physical appearance, it is likely that he has European roots.

Tim Wakefield was married to Stacy Wakefield, and the couple had two children together, Trevor and Brianna. Stacy Wakefield passed away from cancer in February 2024, just five months after Tim’s death. The couple had been married for over 20 years, and their love and dedication to each other were evident to all who knew them.

In conclusion, Tim Wakefield was a beloved baseball player and family man who left a lasting impression on the sport and those who knew him. While his personal life was largely private, he will always be remembered for his contributions to the game of baseball.