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A Punters’ Guide to Betting Bonuses

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Betting is big business in Africa. Almost everyone has gambled on something at least once, whether it’s sports, blackjack, slots, or politics. Most of us probably put a bet on the recent AFCON, for example. Many gamblers made out like bandits when Ivory Coast unexpectedly won at 7/1 odds. 

And so the recent explosion of online gambling companies has proved very popular. You’ve probably seen the ads on television, or perhaps noticed the sponsorships plastered on the front of Fulham’s or Everton’s kit. 

But the main attraction point, something that differs from what you find at your local bookies, is the betting bonus. You see offers for free bets, spins, cashback, reloads, the list goes on. But you don’t get any of it. This guide will set you right, with a full punter’s A to Z of betting bonuses.

Bonus for Locals 

Casinos are based online, and accessible to all, no matter where you are, but they do tend to focus on a particular region or even a specific country. It makes sense; they can then tailor the experience based on gambling preferences, cultural traditions, and what sports are popular in a given area. 

We’re not saying to limit yourself to casinos or betting sites based in your own country but perhaps start there. If you’re based in South Africa, for example, reputable online casinos and betting sites that offer bonuses to SA-based players will be much easier to handle. 

First, the bonus amounts are in rand. It’s a small thing, but not having to mentally convert currencies in the middle of a session will make things much easier. Second, the casino will have a legal right to operate in the country, so you know everything is legit. 

Companies will also give special bonuses for specific leagues popular in the country. In Nigeria, where many people watch the Premier League, bookies will often offer multipliers for Arsenal or ManU, for example. If you know the league, it’ll be much easier to maximize your chances. 


Understand Bonus Types

Bonus is a bit of a catch-all term. There’s not just one, that’s an important thing for you to understand. And even the ones that look almost identical, the small print can change the game completely. Here are the most important bonuses out on the market:

No deposit bonus. Does exactly what it says on the box. You get a free bonus, no deposit is required. This can either be a free bet on a sporting event, spins on a slot, or a small amount of money to spend at the casino. 

Free spins. This one is similar to the no deposit bonus, except it’s exclusively for spins on a given slot machine. You will get a low number of spins with a minimum bet on each one, which means you have to hope for the jackpot to win big. But it’s possible! 

Reload offers. These are promotions designed for existing players, which means you should always sign up to the mailing list to get the best offers available. They are not quite as good as the ones for new sign-ups, but they can be especially lucrative around big tournaments, like AFCON and the World Cup. 

Cashback. This is like having a safety net, just in case your bet goes wrong. Say you were 100% sure Morocco would win AFCON, put a bet on, confident, only to see South Africa beat them 2-0. Putting a cashback bet on would have returned your money, ready to try again another time. 

Sign-ups and Beyond 

Bonuses can be split into two rough categories: those for new players, and bonuses for the veterans. We won’t beat around the bush. The best bonuses are for newbies, and there’s an obvious reason for that. 

Bookies are always looking for new customers. They know that it’s difficult and competitive, as you have hundreds of options to choose from. That’s why the first bonus is always the juiciest. 

Once you understand this, you’ll know that bonus hopping is a key part of a successful player’s strategy. You can take advantage of promotions at several betting operators, instead of sticking to the one.

Always Have a Strategy 

The mistake most punters make when using betting bonuses is that they don’t implement any sort of strategy. They gamble based on a gut feeling, put money down on their favorite team or player, or go for crazy accumulators that will never happen. It’s free money anyway, so what’s the problem?

Thinking like that is a huge mistake. Bonuses are a great way to build up your bankroll, push the odds in your favor, and potentially win some big money. In order to do that, however, you need to come up with a plan. 

This is our takeaway message: pick a strategy (just don’t make it the Martingale!), perfect it over time, add your own personal flavor, but understand it’s not a guarantee. And finally, just have fun with it. Because that’s what gambling is, entertainment. 

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