Vetri Duraisamy (Saidai Duraisamy Son) Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Death, Body in Satluj River and more

Vetri Duraisamy (Saidai Duraisamy Son) Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Death, Body in Satluj River and more, Vetri Duraisamy is the son of Saidai Duraisamy, a prominent politician and former mayor of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Vetri Duraisamy was born in 1979 and is 45 years old as of 2024. He is the only son of Saidai Duraisamy and Mallika, who have been married for over 50 years.

Vetri Duraisamy is a well-known personality in the Tamil Nadu film industry. He is a producer and director of several Tamil movies, including the critically acclaimed film, “Endraavathu Oru Naal.” However, in 2024, he made headlines when his car went into the Satluj river in Himachal Pradesh, and local police found some human remains near the river. Since then, there has been no news about his whereabouts, and his family has been searching for him tirelessly.

Despite the tragic turn of events, Vetri Duraisamy’s contributions to the Tamil Nadu film industry and his family’s legacy remain an important part of the state’s cultural fabric. This article will provide a detailed biography of Vetri Duraisamy, including his early life, career, family, and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and the discovery of his body in the Satluj river.

Early Life and Education

Family Background

Vetri Duraisamy was born in 1979 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He is the only son of Saidai Duraisamy and Mallika, who have been married for over 50 years. His father is a former Mayor of Chennai and a senior leader of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) party. His mother is a homemaker and his father’s helper.

Vetri’s family belongs to the Kongu Vellalar community, a sub-caste of the Vellalars, who are traditionally farmers and landowners. He has five sisters, and he is the youngest in the family. Vetri’s family has a strong political background, and many of his relatives are involved in politics.

Educational Pursuits

Vetri Duraisamy completed his schooling at Alpha International School and Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He pursued his higher education at Dr. Ambedkar Government Law College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, where he earned his law degree.

After completing his education, Vetri started practicing law. He worked as a lawyer for several years before joining the Indian Police Service (IPS) in 2007. Vetri was a dedicated police officer who worked hard to maintain law and order in his jurisdiction.

Vetri’s dedication to his work earned him several accolades, including the President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Service in 2020. Despite his success, Vetri remained humble and committed to serving the people of his country.

Career and Achievements

Professional Milestones

Vetri Duraisamy started his career as a businessman and entrepreneur, running several ventures in different domains. He was the founder and CEO of Vetri Ventures, a company that dealt with media, entertainment, hospitality, and real estate. He also directed the award-winning film “Andravathu Oru Naal,” which received critical acclaim and recognition in the film industry.

Apart from his business and filmmaking ventures, Vetri Duraisamy was also a wildlife photographer and an aeromodelling enthusiast. He was known for his passion for animals and was an animal husbandry expert.

Contributions and Recognition

Vetri Duraisamy’s contributions to the film industry and his entrepreneurial ventures were widely recognized. His film “Andravathu Oru Naal” won several awards, including the Best Film Award at the Norway Tamil Film Festival. He was also recognized for his contribution to the animal husbandry industry and was invited to speak at several conferences and events.

However, Vetri Duraisamy’s untimely death in 2024 came as a shock to his family, friends, and fans. He went missing following a car incident near the Satluj River in Himachal Pradesh, and his body was later found in the river. His death was mourned by many, and his contributions to the film industry and animal husbandry were remembered fondly.

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