University selection 2024/2025 Waliochaguliwa Vyuo Vikuu 2024/25

University selection 2024/2025 Waliochaguliwa Vyuo Vikuu 2024/25;- in This Post you Will Find All Students results Selection in PDf Documents Download 2024/25. All university selections 2024/2025. PDF Selected Applicants 2024, PDF Vyuo Vikuu 2024/25,TCU Selection 2024/25, TCU Waliochaguliwa Vyuo 2024/25, Waliochaguliwa UDSM 2024/25, Waliochagulwa UDOM 2024/25, Waliochaguliwa mzumbe 2024/25, waliochaguliwa SAUT 2024/25.

University selection 2024/2025 Waliochaguliwa Vyuo Vikuu

Tanzania Commission for Universities is the statutory and regulatory organization established in 2005 by the Tanzanian Government to oversee university education in Tanzania. It is the body whose recognition, approval and accredidation is needed before any university can started. Wikipedia


University selection 2024/2025 Waliochaguliwa Vyuo Vikuu

Visit all globalu pdates to download and view the full list of students accepted to Tanzania’s Universities and Technical Colleges for the 2024 academic year. The lists of students accepted to Tanzania’s various schools, universities, and technical colleges for the 2024 academic year.

Selected Applicants First Round 2024 PDF (All Universities)

 list of Selected Applicants use the links below


  1. UDOM selected applicants
  2. UDSM selected applicants
  3. Mzumbe University selected applicants
  4. KCMC selected applicants 
  5. IAA selected applicants 
  6. SJUT selected applicants 
  7. SUA selected applicants 
  8. University of Iringa selected applicants
  9. Mwenge Catholic University Selected students
  10. MUST selected applicants 
  11. CUHAS – Bugando selected applicants 
  12. MUCE selected applicants 
  13. HKMU selected applicants list 
  14. SFUCHAS selected applicants 
  15. MNMA selected applicants 
  16. DUCE selected applicants 
  17. NIT selected applicants 
  18. KIUT selected applicants 
  19. MUHAS selected applicants 
  20. TIA selected applicants 
  21. CBE selected applicants 
  22. IFM selected applicants
  23. DIT selected applicants
  24. SAUT DAR ES SALAAM Selected applicants 
  25. SAUT ARUSHA Selected applicants 
  26. SAUT MWANZA Selected applicants 
  27. SAUT MBEYA Selected applicants

The long-awaited moment for many students has finally arrived with the release of the list of selected applicants for various universities in Tanzania for the 2024 academic year. The process of selecting students is not easy, and it takes a lot of effort and resources to ensure that only the best are chosen. We would like to extend our congratulations to all the successful applicants, and this article will provide you with all the information you need to know about the university selection for 2024.

University Selection Process

The university selection process is highly competitive, and universities use a point-based system to evaluate each applicant’s academic performance. The points system is used to determine the number of applicants to be admitted to each program, and the selection committee chooses the applicants with the highest scores for admission. The selection process also takes into account factors such as gender, regional balance, and special needs.

List of Selected Applicants

The list of selected applicants for various universities in Tanzania for the 2024 academic year has been released and can be found on the respective university websites. Applicants are advised to visit the website and check the list to confirm their admission status. The list is organized by program and can be searched for using the applicant’s index number.

Applicants who have been selected for admission are required to confirm their acceptance by paying the required fees within a specified period. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of their admission offer.

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