Demri Parrott Wikipedia: Age, Husband, Children, Cause of Death, Family & BIO

Demri Parrott Wikipedia: Age, Husband, Children, Cause of Death, Family & BIO, Demri Parrott was an American model, artist, poet, and fashion designer/stylist. She was born on February 22, 1969, in Renton, Washington, and passed away on October 29, 1996, at the age of 27. Demri was best known for being the girlfriend and later fiancee of Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley.

Despite her short life, Demri Parrott left a lasting impression on those who knew her. She was known for her unique style and artistic talent, and she inspired many people with her creativity. Demri’s life was not without its struggles, however, as she battled drug addiction and homelessness in the years leading up to her death. Despite these challenges, Demri remained a beloved figure to those who knew her, and her legacy continues to inspire people to this day.

If you are interested in learning more about Demri Parrott, there are many resources available online. Her Wikipedia page provides a detailed account of her life and career, including information about her family, husband, and children. You can also find articles and interviews with people who knew Demri personally, as well as tributes and other remembrances from fans and admirers.


Demri Parrott was an American model, artist, fashion designer, and muse, born on February 22, 1969, in Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington, USA. She is best known for being the girlfriend and later the fiancée of Alice in Chains lead singer, Layne Staley. Demri’s life was marked by talent, passion, and struggle, and her untimely death at the age of 27 left a lasting impact on those who knew her.

Early Life

Demri grew up in Washington State and attended high school in Tacoma. She was known for her artistic talents and was an accomplished artist by the time she graduated. Demri’s mother, Kathleen Austin, was a painter, and her father, Dennis Parrott, was a guitarist. Her parents separated when she was young, and Demri spent most of her childhood with her mother.


Demri began her career as a model in the late 1980s and was signed to the Elite Modeling Agency in New York City. She modeled for several magazines and designers, including Calvin Klein, and was known for her striking looks and unique style. Demri also worked as a fashion designer and stylist, creating her own clothing line and styling shoots for magazines.

Personal Life

Demri met Layne Staley in the early 1990s, and the two began dating shortly thereafter. They shared a deep connection and a love of music, art, and creativity. However, their relationship was also marked by struggles with drug addiction, and both Demri and Layne battled addiction throughout their time together.

Tragically, Demri passed away on October 29, 1996, at the age of 27, due to acute intoxication from a combination of opiates, meprobamate, and butalbital. Her death deeply affected Layne, who struggled with addiction for several more years before passing away in 2002. Despite the challenges they faced, Demri and Layne’s relationship remains a testament to the power of love and creativity.


Cause of Death

Demri Parrott passed away on October 29th, 1996, at the young age of 27. The cause of her death was due to sepsis caused by endocarditis, an inflammation of the heart valves. It is believed that her drug use may have contributed to the development of the infection.


Demri Parrott’s death was a significant loss to her family, friends, and fans. Her passing had a profound impact on her former partner, Layne Staley, who struggled with addiction and depression for many years after her death.

Despite her short life, Parrott left a lasting impact on those who knew her. She is remembered for her beauty, artistic talents, and free-spirited nature. Her legacy is kept alive through the many tributes and memorials dedicated to her memory, including websites, social media pages, and fan groups.

In conclusion, Demri Parrott’s untimely death was a tragedy that left a lasting impact on those who knew her. While her life may have been short, her memory lives on through the many people who were touched by her spirit and creativity.

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