What Happened to Paara on La Brea? Who is Paara on La Brea?

What Happened to Paara on La Brea? Who is Paara on La Brea?, Paara is a character on the NBC science-fiction drama series, La Brea. The show is set in Los Angeles and follows a group of people who find themselves trapped in a mysterious prehistoric world after a massive sinkhole opens up in the city. Paara is a Tongva leader who becomes a key figure in the show’s storylines.

Fans of the show have been curious about what happened to Paara on La Brea. In the first season, Paara was a central character who helped the group of survivors navigate the dangerous and unfamiliar world they found themselves in. She is portrayed by Tonantzin Carmelo, who has received critical acclaim for her performance on the show. However, in the second season, Paara’s role was reduced, and she was absent from some episodes. This led to speculation among fans about what happened to the character and why she was written out of the show.

Identity of Paara

Character Overview

Paara is a character from the NBC science-fiction series La Brea. She is the wife of Dr. Ty Coleman, a main character in the series. Paara is a strong and independent woman who is a member of a group of survivors from a plane crash that finds themselves in a prehistoric world. She plays a crucial role in the story’s plot as she is one of the main characters who tries to find a way back to the present world.

Actress Portrayal

Paara is portrayed by Tonantzin Carmelo, an American actress of Mexican descent. Carmelo is known for her performances in various television series, including Into the West, The Walking Dead, and Longmire. She has also appeared in films such as Imprint, The Lost City, and The Art of Travel. Carmelo’s portrayal of Paara has been praised for its authenticity and depth of character.

In conclusion, Paara is a significant character in the La Brea series, portrayed by Tonantzin Carmelo. She is the wife of Dr. Ty Coleman and a member of the group of survivors from a plane crash that finds themselves in a prehistoric world. Paara’s character is known for her strength, independence, and determination to find a way back to the present world.

Mystery Surrounding Paara

Paara is a character in the American television series “La Brea” portrayed by Tonantzin Carmelo. She is a Tongva leader who is instrumental in helping the survivors of the plane crash in the prehistoric world. However, there is a lot of mystery surrounding her character, and her sudden disappearance has left fans wondering about her fate.


Paara’s disappearance from the show has left fans confused and curious. In the show’s second season, Paara is suddenly on a mission to strengthen alliances with a nearby village. However, after that, she is never seen again, and there is no explanation for her sudden disappearance. Fans have been speculating about what could have happened to her, but there has been no official confirmation from the show’s creators.

Conspiracy Theories

Paara’s disappearance has led to numerous conspiracy theories among fans. Some believe that she was killed off because of creative differences between the show’s creators and the actress who played her. Others believe that her disappearance is part of a larger plot that will be revealed in the show’s upcoming season. However, there is no concrete evidence to support any of these theories, and they remain purely speculative.


Despite the lack of official information about Paara’s disappearance, there have been some revelations about her character. For instance, it has been revealed that Paara is a Tongva leader who has a close relationship with Dr. Ty Coleman, a psychiatrist who fell through the sinkhole with the other survivors. Additionally, it has been hinted that Paara has a deep understanding of the prehistoric world and its inhabitants, which could be crucial to the survivors’ survival.

Overall, the mystery surrounding Paara’s disappearance has left fans with more questions than answers. While there have been some revelations about her character, her fate remains unknown. Fans will have to wait for the upcoming season of “La Brea” to find out what happened to Paara and if she will return to the show.

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