Orodha ya majina ya walimu walioajiriwa 2024/2025 Tamisemi PDF


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The “List of Teachers Employed 2024/2025 (New Ajira Tamisemi)” is a comprehensive compilation of the teachers who have been newly hired for the academic year 2023/2024 through the Ajira Tamisemi program. This list serves as a vital resource for educational institutions, administrators, and stakeholders in the education sector.

It provides essential information about the newly employed teachers, including their names, qualifications, areas of expertise, and the schools or institutions they have been assigned to. By offering transparency and visibility into the recruitment process, this list plays a crucial role in ensuring the effective and efficient allocation of teaching personnel across various educational institutions.

The “List of Teachers Employed 2024/2025 (New Ajira Tamisemi)” not only facilitates better organization and planning within schools but also promotes accountability and fairness in the employment process. It allows education authorities to monitor the distribution of teachers and identify areas that may require additional staffing or resources.

Additionally, the list aids in fostering a collaborative and supportive environment among teachers, as they can easily connect with their newly appointed colleagues and establish professional networks. Overall, this comprehensive list serves as a valuable tool for improving the quality of education by ensuring a well-equipped and qualified teaching workforce across Tanzania.

Majina ya walimu walioajiriwa 2024/2025 (New Ajira Tamisemi)

Regional Governments and Local Authorities are full ministries which is under the Presidency and managed by the Minister of State assisted by two deputies as managers. There is also the Secretary-General who is the Chief Executive Officer of the Government’s activities.

One of the tasks of this Ministry is to coordinate all regional development plans with Local Authorities under the presidential office. The administration of this Ministry is under the Minister who is also a member of the Cabinet of Tanzania.

The Ministry is responsible for regional development in all regions and districts, especially in ensuring that the infrastructure of each area in the construction of roads and buildings continues, and at the appropriate level.

Where Majina Ajira Mpya Za Walimu 2024 Will be Announced

TAMISEMI Tanzania has said names will be announced soon teachers that will be employed for primary and Secondary teaching job Vacancies that announced May this financial year of 2020/2021 so as to reduce the scarcity of teachers in government schools for providing better education to increase students performance in their website. All teachers will be required to report their work within a specified time, for those who will fail their chances will be given to others.

Tazama Hapa Majina Ajira Mpya Walimu

What To Do When Names Will Be Released TAMISEMI? | Majina Ya Walimu Ajira Mpya 2024

TAMISEMI will release names to see list of all names of Secondary and Primary Schools Teachers that employed by the government this financial year 2024 available in TAMISEMI website www.tamisemi.go.tz.


Communicate with Us through:-

Permanent Secretary Office of the President Regional Administration and Local Government

S.L.P: 1923 Dodoma – Tanzania, East Africa

Phone: + 255 (26) 232 1 234

Email: ps@tamisemi.go.tz

About TAMISEMI (President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government)

The Ministry also coordinates and supervises development planning and sectoral interventions on donor-supported programs at district and other locals levels; issues ministerial guidelines to Regional Secretariats and Local Government Authorities; and strengthens the channel of communication and information flow between the national and sub-national levels.

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  • PO-RALG is committed to being a leading institution in empowering Regional Administration and Local Government Authorities to improve the provision of quality life and services to the community.


In order to move towards the realization of the Mission within the short, medium, and long term; PO-RALG, in collaboration stakeholders, will:-

  • Champion decentralization by devolution and create a capable Regional Administration and autonomous Local Government Authorities.
  • Effectively and efficiently manage the critical interfaces between MDAs in compliance with the D by D policy.
  • Promote Urban and Rural development Policies.
  • Provide continuous performance improvement and empower employees to full fill their maximum
  • Potentials. So as to eventually improve the overall quality of life to the majority

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