M-Pesa Makato (M-Pesa Tariffs) Viwango Vya Makato Mpesa 2024

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M-Pesa Makato (M-Pesa Tariffs) Viwango Vya Makato Mpesa

M-PESA, Tanzania’s largest and most innovative mobile financial service, has enriched its transaction experience with the launch of the M-PESA app. The app provides a truly transformative experience for customers.

M-Pesa Makato

M-Pesa Makato

M-Pesa Makato

M-Pesa Makato
M-Pesa Makato

Makato Mapya ya Miamala kwa Watumiaji Wa Vodacom M-pesa

For Mpesa customers, sending Sh15,000 to an unregistered customer, deductions will be Sh970 from Sh360 while costing Sh2,820 to an unregistered customer from Sh2,210. To other networks, the amount will be paid Sh1,160 from the existing Sh550 and those transferred to their bank accounts will be deducted Sh1,810 instead of the existing Sh1,200. To pay that amount to an agent or ATM, they will be deducted Sh2,060 from Sh1,450.

Makato Mapya Ya Miamala
Makato Mapya Ya Miamala
Makato Mapya Ya Miamala
Makato Mapya Ya Miamala

With the app, you get a richer experience in all kinds of transactions, whether it’s sending money to your loved ones, accessing your bank account, paying for goods and services, sending or receiving money internationally, or transacting from anywhere in the world as long as you have data. Connection.


M-Pesa Makato (M-Pesa Tariffs) Viwango Vya Makato Mpesa.

Vodacom Tanzania Mpesa Tariffs and Charges (Tshs)
Min (Tsh) Max (Tsh) Transfer to Mpesa Users (Tshs) Kutuma Kutoa
0 999 10 N/A N/A
1,000 2,999 22 422 400
3,000 3,999 50 650 600
4,000 4,999 60 710 650
5,000 9,999 120 1,020 900
10,000 19,999 310 1,710 1,400
20,000 29,999 365 2,165 1,800
30,000 39,999 365 2,165 1,800
40,000 49,999 410 2,710 2,300
50,000 99,999 715 3,415 2,700
100,000 199,999 1,000 4,600 3,600
200,000 299,999 1,200 6,500 5,300
300,000 399,999 1,500 8,000 6,500
400,000 499,999 1,500 8,500 7,000
500,000 599,999 2,200 9,700 7,500
600,000 799,999 3,300 11,300 8,000
800,000 1,000,000 3,300 11,300 8,000
1,000,001 1,500,000 5,000 N/A 8,000
Over Tsh 1,500,000
5,000 N/A 8,000


  1. There are no transaction fees when you deposit money into your account through M-Pesa agents
  2. Ensure that your M-Pesa registration information is correct, otherwise, visit your nearest Vodashop to verify the information
  3. You can send up to Tsh 5M per day or hold up to Tsh 10M in your M-Pesa account at any time once you complete your registration
  4. Whenever you send money always ensure to verify the recipient’s name to avoid inconveniences
  5. Verify if your registration is complete by dialing *106#
  6. Whenever you send money always ensure to verify the recipient’s name to avoid inconveniences
  7. When doing a transaction at an M-Pesa agent you will be required to provide your identification card
  8. After swapping your Vodacom number, you can start using your M-Pesa account after 48 hours
  9. To get M-Pesa terms and conditions visit your nearest Vodashop or go to www.vodacom.co.tz
  10. M-Pesa displays account balances on every transaction confirmation for FREE. If you wish to make a balance query you will be charged Tsh 60.
  11. For M-Pesa accounts that are not used for more than 150 days, A fee of Tsh 600/=will is charged for account maintenance every month.
    For amounts that remain in customer accounts unclaimed for more than 5 years, the money will be transferred to relevant authorities
    in accordance with the laws of Tanzania.
  12. When making payments to registered M-Pesa Merchants, you will be charged a small fee of 0.5% of the paid amount for all payments of up to Tsh 1,500,000/=. For payments between Tsh 1,500,001 and 2,000,000 you will be charged Tsh 7,500/=and for payments above Tsh 2,000,000/=a charge of Tsh 8,000/=will be applied.
  13. All tariffs stipulated above are inclusive of all Government Taxes
  14. For more information contact the Vodacom call center by dialing 100 for FREE
  15. You can get your M-Pesa statement sent to you for FREE via email or a printed copy for Tsh.3,000/=per requested month via our Vodacom Shops. This charge incurs printing costs.