M-Pesa charges in Tanzania (Ada za M-Pesa Tanzania) 2024

M-Pesa charges in Tanzania (Ada za M-Pesa Tanzania) 2024;- M-Pesa charges in Tanzania (Makato ya M-Pesa) If you’re looking for M-Pesa charges in Tanzania or M-Pesa Tariffs? (makato mapya ya kutuma na kutoa pesa kwa Vodacom (M-Pesa). This guide will help you as we have provides all information about M-Pesa charges Tanzania,

M-Pesa charges in Tanzania (Ada za M-Pesa Tanzania) 2024

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Vodacom Tanzania Limited is Tanzania’s leading cellular network company. As of December 2020, Vodacom Tanzania had over 15.6 million customers and was the largest wireless telecommunications network in Tanzania.

M-Pesa charges in Tanzania

Mpesa customers, sending Sh15,000 to an unregistered customer, deductions will be Sh970 from Sh360 while costing Sh2,820 to an unregistered customer from Sh2,210. To other networks, the amount will be paid Sh1,160 from the existing Sh550 and those transferred to their bank accounts will be deducted Sh1,810 instead of the existing Sh1,200. To pay that amount to an agent or ATM, they will be deducted Sh2,060 from Sh1,450.

M-Pesa Charges
M-Pesa Charges

M-Pesa charges in Tanzania (Ada za M-Pesa Tanzania

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How do I open a M-PESA account?


Once you buy a Vodacom line and register it, you’ll automatically be registered to M-Pesa. Or, if you’re an existing unregistered customer you can visit a Vodacom shop with a valid Identity Document – National ID (including Zanzibar ID), passport, voter ID or driving license – to complete the electronic registration process. Once registered, you’ll be prompted to activate the M-Pesa account by changing the system-generated start key PIN to personalized PIN.


To activate your account:

  1. Dial *150*00# ok
  2. Select 1 Activate or 2 Wezesha
  3. Enter start key PIN
  4. Enter new PIN
  5. Re-enter new PIN
  6. Enter date of birth

You’ll receive an SMS confirmation once your account has been activated.

You can get your M-Pesa statement sent to you for FREE via email or a printed copy for Tsh.3,000/=per requested month via our Vodacom Shops. This charge incurs printing costs.