When to Find the Cheapest VPN Deals?

Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is becoming increasingly popular for protecting privacy online, accessing restricted content, and securing devices on public Wi-Fi networks. However, VPN services can get quite expensive, with prices ranging from $5 to $15 per month on average.

Finding cheap VPN deals can save you a lot of money, especially if you commit to a long-term plan. But when are the best times to find discounts on VPN subscriptions? 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The best time of year to find the cheapest VPN deals is undoubtedly Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events. Most major VPN providers offer their biggest discounts and best promos during this holiday shopping frenzy.

You can expect to see deals like:

  • 60-85% off multi-year plans
  • 3-6 months of free VPN service
  • Special one-time promo pricing
  • 2-for-1 multi-year deals

All reputable providers like Surfshark, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, PIA, and CyberGhost have some amazing Black Friday deals on a 1-year and 2-year plans. You can also get 2-3 months extra on such deals.

Holiday and Seasonal Sales

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday see the absolute best VPN deals, you can also find nice discounts during other major holidays throughout the year:

Christmas VPN Sales – Many providers launch holiday sales in December, with discounts almost as good as Black Friday.

New Year VPN Deals – January sees special New Year’s promotions and discounts on VPN plans after the busy holiday sales period.

Back to School VPN Sales – The back to school shopping season in late summer often comes with nice VPN promos.

Father’s & Mother’s Day VPN Sales – You may even find discounts tied to Father’s Day and Mother’s Day in May/June.

Generally speaking, looking for deals around the major gift-giving holidays is a good bet for finding VPN sales. Offers may not be quite as steep as Black Friday, but can still add up to 25-50% off.

VPN Coupons and Loyalty Discounts

Beyond the major sales events, many VPN companies offer other ways to save on subscriptions:

Exclusive Promo Codes – Special coupon codes and vouchers can lower the price by a certain dollar amount or percentage.

Loyalty & Referral Programs – Referring friends or staying subscribed long-term can earn you free months of service.

Newsletter Signup Offers – Providers often email promotional pricing and deals to subscribers.

Limited-Time Sitewide Sales – Flash sales, seasonal offers, etc. can occasionally discount all plans.

For example, Atlas VPN almost always has an active promo code for 80% or higher off multi-year plans. Services like Private Internet Access and CyberGhost run frequent sitewide sales in addition to major holiday deals.

The key is to keep an eye out for any VPN coupons or loyalty incentives that come along on top of the major seasonal discounts. Over time, those added savings can really add up.

How to Find the Best VPN Deals

Here are some tips for making sure you find and take advantage of the best VPN deals:

Sign Up for Newsletters and Follow VPN Sites

Get on email lists, follow VPN deal sites online, and check provider social media often for the latest deals and coupons as soon as they launch. Act quickly as the best promos usually expire fast.

Compare Deals from Multiple Providers

Prices and discounts can vary widely across VPN services, so be sure to compare deals from at least 3-5 top-rated providers before choosing the best overall value.

Calculate the Effective Monthly Cost

Multi-year plans offer bigger discounts, but also require a larger upfront payment. Check the effective monthly cost when accounting for total billing term to identify the best long-term deal.

Use Promo Codes and Cash Back

Stack additional promo codes, cash back offers, and loyalty discounts on top of already discounted plans to maximize savings on a VPN subscription.

Consider VPN Router Deals Too

Many providers offer deals on VPN routers and firewalls too, which can secure all devices on your home network rather than just individual devices.

When to Avoid VPN Deals

While VPN deals can save you a lot of cash, it’s also important to be aware of a few times when you may want to avoid jumping on discounted VPN plans:

Questionable Third-Party Sellers

Steer clear of VPN deals offered by unfamiliar third-parties, which could be scams or sell your data. Always buy directly from the VPN provider to ensure security and proper support.

Around Major Sporting Events

When ticket demand is very high such as during the World Cup or Olympics, some VPN providers have been known to temporarily raise prices.

After Major Data Breaches

High-profile website breaches or surveillance scandals sometimes prompt more demand for VPNs, allowing providers to charge higher rates due to increased customer interest.

During Regional Holidays

Local peak shopping periods or holidays that are only popular in certain countries can cause VPN providers to focus deals there rather than globally.

Being mindful of when VPN providers may charge premium pricing allows you to avoid buying at temporarily inflated rates.

The absolute best times to find cheap VPN plans are still clearly Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other major international holidays when discounts are huge. But staying vigilant for provider promo codes and sales year-round can maximize savings on a VPN subscription as well.