Viwango vipya vya mishahara kwa sekta binafsi 2024

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After nine years without a raise, the Sixth Phase Government has announced new salary levels for private sector workers.

Viwango vipya vya mishahara kwa sekta binafsi

However, economic experts have said that the new minimum wage levels will have both positive and negative effects, saying that although the Government’s income will increase, inflation will also increase.

The minimum wage for the private sector has been announced by the Minister of State, Office of the Prime Minister Labour, Youth, Employment and the disabled, Professor Joyce Ndalichako through Government announcement (GN) number 697 of November 25, 2022.

Sekta ya kilimo Saa 718

  • Siku 5,385
  • Wiki 32,310
  • Wiki mbili 64,620
  • Mwezi 140,000

Sekta ya afya Saa 1,000

  • Siku 7,501
  • Wiki 45,003
  • Wiki mbili 90,007
  • Mwezi 195,000

Sekta ya mawasiliano
(a) Huduma za mawasiliano Saa 2,564

  • Siku 19,232
  • Wiki 115,394
  • Wiki mbili 230,787
  • Mwezi 500,000

(b) Huduma za utangazaji na vyombo vya habari, Saa 1,154
posta na usafirishaji wa vifurushi Siku 8,654

  • Wiki 51,927
  • Wiki mbili 103,854
  • Mwezi 225,000

However, the Government’s order, which will be known as the minimum wage order for the year 2022, will come into effect on January 1, 2023, and that the same minimum wage order for the private sector issued in 2012 has been cancelled.

The minimum has touched about 12 sectors which are agriculture, health, communication, domestic and hotel work, personal protection services, energy, transportation, construction, mining, private schools and business and industrial sectors.