Vifurushi vya DStv 2024/2025 na Bei zake (Packages Price in Tanzania)

Bei Ya Vifurushi Vya Dstv 2024/2025 Dstv Packages Price in Tanzania 2024- Vifurushi vya DStv na Bei zake Tanzania DStv, Bei ya Vifurushi vya DSTV  Poa,bomba, Access, shangwe kwa siku mwezi wiki 2024 the popular cable television station in Tanzania, offers a diverse range of programming to suit different viewing needs.

With the acquisition of high-quality content rights, DStv continues to provide viewers with regional and international TV shows, films, and sports programming. This article discusses the different packages offered by DStv in Tanzania and their prices for 2024.

DSTV Packages and Prices in Tanzania for 2024/2025

DSTV offers six different packages, each with a varying number of channels and price range. These packages include DSTV Premium, DSTV Compact Plus, DSTV Compact, DSTV Family, DSTV Access, and DSTV POA. The packages are listed below with the channels and price in TZS.

Vifurushi Vya Dstv
Vifurushi Vya Dstv

Users of DSTV occasionally may see various decoder fault codes flashing on their TV screens. Users are typically prevented from seeing DSTV channels by these issues even though their subscriptions are still active.

Here, I’ll demonstrate how to fix these issues online while at home without contacting the DSTV attendants’ customer care. These frequently occurring mistakes are E16, E19, E30, & E32. If any of these codes are appearing right now,

Dstv Packages And Prices In Tanzania
Dstv Packages And Prices In Tanzania

DSTV Packages Channels Price In Tsh

  • DSTV Premium 150+ TZsh 145,000
  • DSTV Compact Plus 140+ TZsh 93,000
  • DSTV Compact 130+ TZsh 51,000
  • DSTV Family 100+ TZsh 31,000
  • DSTV Access 80+ TZsh 21,000
  • DSTV POA 40+ TZsh 9,900

Comparing DStv Packages in Tanzania

To compare all DStv packages available in Tanzania, visit the DStv Africa website at This will help you find the package that will best suit your viewing needs.

Channels for the FIFA World Cup on DSTV

Wherever there is football, there is DStv. This includes the FIFA World Cup. DStv will broadcast all the games that matter for the FIFA World Cup. Additionally, DStv offers the best of kids’ entertainment and family-friendly viewing.

Bei Ya Vifurushi Vya Dstv
Bei Ya Vifurushi Vya Dstv


DStv provides a variety of options for viewers in Tanzania, offering different packages to suit every family’s viewing needs. From premium to basic packages, each package comes with varying channels and pricing. With the FIFA World Cup coming up, DStv will broadcast all the games that matter. Explore DStv packages and find the package that will best suit your entertainment needs.

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