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Steve Dulcich Wife Name: Everything You Need to Know About His Married Life, Kids, and Family

Steve Dulcich is a well-known automotive expert, reality TV program presenter, editor, and engine master. While he is most recognized for co-hosting the hit shows “Roadkill” and “Engine Masters” on MotorTrend TV, there is also much interest in his personal life. Specifically, many people are curious about Steve Dulcich’s wife, married life, kids, and family.

Despite Steve Dulcich’s penchant for privacy regarding his marital affairs, recent revelations shed light on his family life. According to various sources, Steve Dulcich is a married man and has chosen to keep details such as his wife’s name and their marriage date under wraps, maintaining a level of anonymity. However, there are some details available about his family and ancestral roots.

Delving into his roots, Steve Dulcich proudly traces his family origin to Croatia, with ancestors hailing from the European nation. While details about his parents and siblings remain undisclosed, he is known to have a nephew named Greg Dulcich, a notable professional footballer associated with UCLA. With the limited information available, many fans of Steve Dulcich eagerly await any updates about his personal life, particularly regarding his wife and children.

Steve Dulcich’s Married Life

Meeting and Marriage

Steve Dulcich, the famous car expert, reality TV show host, editor, and engine master, has been married for several years. However, he has chosen to keep his wife’s name and their marriage date under wraps, maintaining a high level of privacy regarding his marital affairs. Steve Dulcich celebrated his one-year milestone with his wife in November 2023.

It is not known how Steve Dulcich and his wife met, or how long they dated before tying the knot. However, it is clear that they have a strong bond, as Steve has often referred to his wife as his “partner in crime” on his social media accounts.

Shared Interests and Lifestyle

Despite keeping his wife’s name a secret, Steve Dulcich has shared some details about their shared interests and lifestyle. Steve and his wife share a love for vintage cars and often attend car shows together. They also enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, and fishing.

In addition, Steve Dulcich and his wife are proud parents of two children, although their names and ages have not been disclosed. Steve has mentioned his children on his social media accounts and has shared photos of them attending car shows with him and his wife.

Overall, while Steve Dulcich has chosen to keep his personal life private, it is clear that he has a loving family and a happy marriage.

Family and Personal Life


Steve Dulcich is a married man and has children, but the names and ages of his children are not publicly known. However, according to Vim Buzz, Dulcich is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

Family Background

Steve Dulcich was born and raised in California. His father was a car enthusiast who instilled a passion for cars in his son. According to Briefly, Dulcich’s father was a mechanic and would often take him to the racetrack to watch races. This early exposure to the world of cars and engines sparked Dulcich’s interest in the field.

Dulcich’s wife’s name is not publicly known, but according to Genius Celebs, they have been married for some time. The couple enjoys spending time together and often attends car shows and events. Dulcich’s wife is said to be supportive of his career and shares his passion for cars and engines.

Overall, Dulcich’s family and personal life is relatively private, and he prefers to keep his personal life out of the public eye.