Digital Experience in a New Way: What Will 2024 Bring?

2024 is going to bring new experiences in nearly every single field, along with the digital experience that people have. There are plenty of digital trends that will be 100% continued from 2023, but others will be brand new. Several of the larger fields, such as those in Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence will likely see more growth.

But smaller fields will see some growth too, and is worth delving into what that growth is going to look like. These fields have users who will be able to benefit from the digital experience, especially as 2024 gets closer and closer. Here are some of the trends and expectations coming in 2024.


Video Games and Video Poker

The field of video games will continue to expand in 2024. The technology being used now is better than it has ever been. Video poker will also piggyback on that expansion and rise to new heights. Video poker games combine some skills of poker with the fast-paced gameplay of something like slots. The result is a game that has users hooked with every round.

You get one five-card draw, have one chance to discard cards you don’t like to redraw, and that is it. The simple rules and the mixture of luck and skill attract players. While it might be very easy to attract players, being able to master the game is something else entirely. Even if you play your best hand, a good amount of luck is involved too.


The online casinos and websites for video poker are going to keep updating themselves in 2024. Not only does this improve player safety, but it can improve the user experience. Other technology improvements like the rise of VR gaming will help make video poker more immersive and fun.

Virtual Reality

Speaking of VR, the world of Virtual Reality isn’t going to remain stagnant either. Many companies and niches are focusing on bringing Virtual Reality to new heights. These advancements are not just in the field of video games either! Other industries can take advantage of the benefits of VR. For example, a surgeon can practice on a virtual patient a dozen times before they even pick up a real scalpel. 

With the rise of the Metaverse, the talk around VR has reignited. Everything from player avatars to virtual real estate is going to be in the Metaverse. Virtual Reality is going to be the cornerstone that all of that is built on. 

Even though the Virtual World isn’t indistinguishable from our own yet, creators are trying to get there. It might not happen within the next few years or even within the next decade, but progress will be made for sure.

Remote Jobs

Remote jobs and remote work are still very popular in a post-pandemic world. A hybrid workforce works for many people and businesses, and there are a lot of benefits. Increased productivity and a much higher quality of mental health are two of them. So many businesses are offering opportunities for remote work, and the websites that allow the hybrid workforce to function need to be at the top of their game.

Websites such as Slack, Zoom, Skype, and more will need to upgrade. If they can’t handle having a large number of users online at one time, or start to slow down and shudder, this will be a problem. These websites will need to enhance and fine-tune their digital experience to make sure they can keep being relevant when 2024 comes around.

Online Shopping

Finally, much like it does every year, online shopping will continue to grow. Around 200 million people shop online every single day, making purchases both big and small. However, 2024 will likely see a much higher rise in online shopping. This is because storefronts will likely continue migrating to be fully digital. 

Additionally, many shops are starting to make purchasing easier with cryptocurrency. There are many benefits to purchasing items with cryptocurrency, which is why so many storefronts have started to make it mainstream. A lot of customers can benefit from the easy and secure method of payment that cryptocurrency can provide. 

The Digital Experience Will Grow In Ways We Haven’t Predicted

Digital growth isn’t a linear experience. It comes in scattered data points that we interpret as trends. For every trend we predict, there are going to be several more that might just pop out of nowhere that can become a widespread and popular trend.

This is what brings people towards technology. People love being able to take the chaos of high tech and then they try to make it controllable and usable. Pushing technology to new definitions of great success is going to continue to be the theme for 2024.