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UNEB PLE Results 2023/2024 Uganda Check Online

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UNEB PLE Results 2023/2024 Uganda Check Online PRIMARY LEAVING EXAMINATIONS RESULTS – UNEB PLE RESULTS, Get the Uganda UNEB PLE Results 2023. View the PLE result for 2023 by school and name with information.

The 2023 Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) results will be made public thanks to final plans made by the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB).

The Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) Results 2023 – have been made public by the management of the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB). Follow the instructions below to check your results on the UNEB eReg Portal if you took the PLE exams. 

UNEB PLE Results 2023 | Ugandan National Examination Board

The Uganda National Examination Board UNEB has not released PLE scores yet. The results, once released, will be available here. The UNEB PLE results are expected to be released during the first quarter of the year. Comments and questions can be addressed below.

You may check your PLE result 2023 for all classes in Uganda in this article. You can use either a roll number or a name to search your results. You can verify your PLE result 2023 by visiting the link provided below. The result is something that always terrifies the students, and if it is the outcome of the PLE exam, then I am certain that you are perspiring outside. Whatever the outcome, you must maintain your composure.

Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) pages

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Here’s how to check your PLE score via SMS:

UNEB SMS Service for recording tests and results information.
The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has provided an easy and hassle-free SMS service which will allow candidates to verify their registration, confirm their registration and access their results once they are officially released by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

To access the service, the user simply has to send an SMS from a mobile phone to the code number 6600. To create a valid SMS, users must enter a specific keyword followed by their index number and send an SMS to 6600. The user must receive after It exam results or registration details on the spot. Each SMS sent to 6600 is charged 500 shekels, so users must ensure that they have enough credit on their phones. The SMS service is voluntary.

Detailed instructions and examples are given in the following table.

PLE space index number
For example PLE 002222/010 REG7 space index number
For example REG7 002222/010

Each SMS reply message will contain information related to only one candidate. Initially, the service will be available on MTN, ZAIN and UTL networks, but arrangements are underway to obtain the service across all mobile network operators.

For each exam (PLE, UCE, UACE, Business and Technical), only the most recent results released will be available to access it in this way. The results will be available for ten months from the date of their release. UNEB will announce the dates for verification of exam registration. More information about this service can be obtained from our website www.uneb.ac.ug

The SMS service is complementary to current service delivery methods and does not aim to replace current procedures and practices. UNEB will continue to release printed records and results to test centers.

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How do I check my phone’s results?

In a few easy steps, you can obtain the 2023 PLE Results for any candidate.

  • Type PLE INDEX NUMBER in your message box and send it to 6600.
  • For instance, enter the text PLE 654321/001 AND SEND TO 6600 in your message box to check the results of the applicant with the index number 654321/001.
  • You will pay UGX 500 each candidate to receive an SMS.

In order to allow schools to get the results as soon as they are formally available, results will be uploaded on the examination center portals for School Administrations.

Mrs. Kalule stated that there won’t be any physical copies of the results available at the UNEB offices until later, when the circumstances permit.

How to Online Check UNEB PLE Results:

  • Please go to https://ereg.uneb.ac.ug/results to access the UNEB eReg Portal.
  • Your Index Number should be entered on the Results Page.
  • On the following page, click Search and wait for your results to appear.

How to use SMS to check UNEB PLE results

To achieve this, just send a short SMS message to 6600.

  • Go to messages on your phone and enter PLE with a space for the P7 UNEB PLE Results. Send the index number, for example, PLE 000001/001, to 6600.
  • Go to messages on your phone and enter UCE followed by a space for the S4 UNEB UCE Results. Send the index number to 6600, for instance: UCE U0001/001.
  • Go to messages on your phone and enter UACE with a space for the S6 UNEB UACE Results. Send the index number, for example, UACE U0001/501, to 6600.
  • Go to messages on your phone and type TECH space> to get the Technical Institute findings. Send the index number to 6600, for example, TECH UT002/0001.

Note: Each SMS you send using this service will cost you 500 Ush. The specifics of your exam results will then be sent to you quickly.

If you passed the UNEB exam for 2023, congratulations. Additionally, often check this website for UNEB updates.

You can reach the UNEB by going to the organization’s official website at https://uneb.ac.ug for further details and enquiries.


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