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Varthur Santhosh Arrested and Charged: Details on His Alleged Crime and Current Whereabouts

Varthur Santhosh, a contestant of the popular reality show Bigg Boss Kannada 10, has been making headlines lately. Unfortunately, it’s not for his performance in the show, but for his recent arrest. The forest department officials arrested him from inside the Bigg Boss house on October 23, 2023.

According to the reports, Varthur Santhosh was arrested for wearing a tiger claw locket on the show. The officials claimed that wearing such a locket is a violation of the Wildlife Protection Act, and it is an offense punishable by law. The arrest has created a stir among the fans of the show, and they are eager to know more about the incident and the current whereabouts of the contestant.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the Varthur Santhosh arrest and charge and answer some of the most pressing questions about the incident. What did he do to get arrested? What are the charges against him? Where is he now? We will provide you with all the relevant information and update you on the latest developments in the case.

Who is Varthur Santhosh

Varthur Santhosh is an Indian farmer and former contestant of the popular reality show “Bigg Boss Kannada 10”. He gained fame for his efforts in conserving Hallikar cows, a breed indigenous to Karnataka. Santhosh hails from Varthur, a village in the outskirts of Bangalore.

Santhosh’s passion for Hallikar cows started at a young age when he helped his father take care of the family’s cows. He later started his own dairy farm, where he continued to breed and conserve the Hallikar cows. Santhosh’s efforts to promote the breed earned him recognition and awards from the government and various organizations.

In 2023, Santhosh participated in “Bigg Boss Kannada 10”, a popular reality show in Karnataka. During the show, he wore a tiger claw pendant, which led to his arrest by the forest department officials. Possession of tiger nails is against the law, and Santhosh was charged with violating the Wildlife Protection Act.

Santhosh’s arrest and subsequent charges raised concerns about wildlife protection and the use of animal products in traditional medicine. He is currently facing legal trouble, and his future on the reality show remains uncertain.

The Arrest: Details and Charges

Varthur Santhosh, a well-known Kannada actor and contestant of the popular reality show Bigg Boss Kannada, was arrested on October 23, 2023, on charges of domestic violence and assault. According to reports, Santhosh’s wife filed a complaint against him, alleging that he had physically abused her. The police acted swiftly and arrested him based on the complaint.

Santhosh was produced before the court, and the judge granted him bail on the same day. However, the situation took a dramatic turn when the police found evidence of drug possession in his house during a search operation. The police arrested him again, this time on charges of drug possession and consumption.

Santhosh’s lawyer has denied all the charges against him and claimed that they are false and baseless. However, the police have reportedly found substantial evidence to back up their claims. The case is currently under investigation, and Santhosh is in police custody.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Santhosh has been in trouble with the law. In 2021, he was arrested on charges of drunk driving and causing a road accident. He was released on bail and later acquitted of the charges.

The current charges against Santhosh are serious, and if found guilty, he could face a lengthy prison sentence. The case has attracted widespread media attention, and many of Santhosh’s fans and colleagues are closely following the developments.

Varthur Santhosh’s Legal Proceedings

Varthur Santhosh, an Indian farmer and former “Bigg Boss Kannada 10” contestant, found himself in legal trouble after an incident raised concerns about wildlife protection. Here is a breakdown of his legal proceedings:

Initial Court Appearance

Santhosh was arrested by the forest department officials for wearing a tiger claw pendant during the reality show. Possession of tiger nails is against the law, and one cannot sell or purchase tiger claws. Santhosh was seen wearing the locket during the show, and an FIR was filed based on this, which led the forest officials to his arrest.

Charges and Plea

Santhosh was charged with violating the Wildlife Protection Act and was booked under Sections 9, 39, and 51 of the Act. He was also charged with violating the Indian Penal Code Section 420 for cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property. Santhosh pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Trial and Verdict

Santhosh’s trial began, and he was released on bail. The trial is ongoing, and the verdict is yet to be announced. Santhosh has not made any public statements regarding the case.

As of now, Santhosh’s whereabouts are unknown, and there is no information available on his current status.

Where is Varthur Santhosh Now

Varthur Santhosh, a former contestant of the reality show “Bigg Boss Kannada,” was arrested for wearing a tiger claw locket in violation of the Wildlife Protection Act. After his arrest, there has been limited public information about his activities and location.

According to the latest reports, Santhosh is currently in custody and has not been released on bail. He was arrested by the Ramohalli Forest Officers and is being held for further investigation.

It is unclear when Santhosh will be released or what his plans are for the future. However, it is likely that he will face legal consequences for his actions.

Santhosh’s arrest has sparked a debate about the use of animal products in fashion and the need for stricter enforcement of wildlife protection laws. Many people have expressed their support for the authorities’ actions and called for greater awareness of the impact of human activities on wildlife conservation.

Overall, the situation surrounding Varthur Santhosh’s arrest and charge remains unclear, and it is uncertain what the future holds for him.

Final Thoughts

Varthur Santhosh’s arrest and subsequent charges have raised concerns about wildlife protection and animal conservation in India. While he gained fame for his efforts to conserve Hallikar cows, his actions led to his arrest and legal trouble.

It is important to note that wildlife protection laws are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of animals, and violating these laws can have serious consequences. While Santhosh may have had good intentions, his actions ultimately led to his arrest and charges.

Moving forward, it is important for individuals and organizations to work together to promote animal conservation and wildlife protection in a legal and ethical manner. By following the laws and regulations in place, we can ensure the safety and well-being of animals while also promoting sustainable farming practices.

Overall, the case of Varthur Santhosh serves as a reminder of the importance of following wildlife protection laws and promoting ethical animal conservation practices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was Varthur Santhosh arrested for?

Varthur Santhosh was arrested on charges of assaulting a woman. The incident allegedly occurred at a resort in Bengaluru where he was staying. The woman filed a complaint with the police, leading to his arrest.

What are the charges against Varthur Santhosh?

Varthur Santhosh has been charged with assault and wrongful restraint under sections 341 and 354 of the Indian Penal Code. He has also been charged with criminal intimidation and insult under sections 506 and 509 of the Indian Penal Code.

Where is Varthur Santhosh currently being held?

Varthur Santhosh is currently being held in judicial custody at the Parappana Agrahara Central Jail in Bengaluru.

Has Varthur Santhosh been convicted of any crimes?

No, Varthur Santhosh has not been convicted of any crimes yet. His case is still ongoing and he is currently awaiting trial.

Are there any updates on Varthur Santhosh’s case?

As of now, there have been no major updates on Varthur Santhosh’s case. The trial is still ongoing and it is unclear when a verdict will be reached.

What is the status of Varthur Santhosh’s trial?

Varthur Santhosh’s trial is currently ongoing. The prosecution has presented its case and the defense is expected to present its case soon. It is unclear when a verdict will be reached.