Matokeo ya VETA 2024/2025 VETA Examination Result 2024/25

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Matokeo ya VETA 2024/2025 VETA Examination Result

Authority for Vocational Education and Training By Parliament Act No. 1 of 1994, the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) was created with the mandate of coordinating, managing, facilitating, promoting, and offering vocational education and training in Tanzania.

Matokeo Ya Veta
Matokeo Ya Veta

When the Apprenticeship Act was implemented in 1940 to regulate training in the industry, VETA’s history officially began. The Vocational Education and Training Act of 1994 took the place of the Vocational Training Act of 1974, which created the National Vocational Training Department.

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Thank you for visiting the VET-Checking Results System (VCRS). This is a method of evaluating the performance of candidates who took various VETA exams in terms of evaluations and assessments. All parties can use the same window thanks to the VCRS. People who are involved with VET may use the VCRS, such as:

  • Candidates who sat for examinations
  • Parents and Teachers
  • Employers
  • Government institutions and Investors

Veta Results Checking | Matokeo ya Mtihani wa VETA

  • First move: the official Veta website
  • Second action: ICT Services are found by scrolling down and up.
  • Third action: Visit to access the VET-Checking Results System (VCRS).
  • Fifth action: Enter your Username and Password to Log In.
  • Fifth action: You will see your outcomes.

Final View Matokeo ya Mtihani wa VETA

The vision of VETA is to become a regulator and provider of an excellent Vocational Education and Training system in Tanzania that is capable of supporting national socio- economic development in the global context.

The mission of VETA is to ensure provision of quality Vocational Educational and Training that meets labour market needs, through effective regulation, coordination, financing and promotion in collaboration with stakeholders.

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