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Facebook Threshold Method 2023: A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Prepaid and Threshold Method

Facebook Threshold Method 2023: A Comprehensive Guide to Facebook Prepaid and Threshold Method, A new course, called the Premium Membership Live Class Course, is set to start this month on the 28th of February. The course offers a range of benefits, including access to high balance auto pay bins.

The course instructor will share bins that can pay between $1000 to $3000 on owe accounts, as well as Visa Purchase 100% Working Bins and Amex Bin with a High Autopay Result. Additionally, the instructor will provide information on how to attach CC without disabled issues, and how to make account and Facebook account limits of $1500 and $250 per day, respectively.

Other topics covered in the course include Facebook Ads Prepaid Loading Method with cc, Facebook Ads CC Bypass Verification Method, and IBAN Method without Temporary Hold Problem. The course also includes information on Facebook Ads Top Sites for Buying CC with Lot of Balance, Facebook AutoPay Bin Method to spend daily $50 on every account, and how to make your own bins for Facebook ads.

The course is limited to 100 seats, and the price is $100, with payment accepted in BTC, USDT, or any crypto wallet. Interested individuals can register and learn all of these methods with new techniques. Reviews of the course are available at https://t.me/dominicbaitani

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use Prepaid Balance for Facebook Ads?

To use prepaid balance for Facebook ads, a user needs to have a prepaid account. Once a user has a prepaid account, they can set up their ad account to use their prepaid balance, which can be used to pay for ads. Users can also add funds to their prepaid account at any time.

Payment Threshold for Facebook

The payment threshold for Facebook is the minimum amount of money that a user needs to spend on ads before they are charged. Once a user’s ad spend reaches the payment threshold, they will be charged for the ads they have run. The payment threshold varies depending on the user’s location and currency.

Available Payment Methods for Facebook Ads

Facebook offers several payment methods for users to pay for their ads, including credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Users can choose their preferred payment method when setting up their ad account.

How to Change Payment Method from Prepaid to Postpaid

To change the payment method from prepaid to postpaid, the user needs to contact Facebook’s customer support. The customer support team will guide the user through the process of changing their payment method.

What to Do If Unauthorized Charges for Facebook Advertising Are Seen?

If a user sees unauthorized charges for Facebook advertising, they should immediately contact Facebook’s customer support. The customer support team will investigate the issue and take appropriate action.

What Does “Prepaid Funds” Mean on Facebook?

“Prepaid funds” on Facebook refer to the funds that a user has added to their prepaid account. These funds can be used to pay for ads and are deducted from the user’s prepaid balance as they run ads.

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