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FIFA 24 PPSSPP: Download FIFA 2024 PSP-ISO for Android

Download the zip file for Android’s FIFA 24 PPSSPP (FIFA 2024 PSP ISO + Save data + Texture). It is an offline FIFA PSP game with English commentary that has been heavily compressed. One of the top PPSSPP football games this season is this one.

You can find the download link, the game’s updated features, and instructions for setting up and playing the game on an Android phone in this article.

Android’s FIFA 24 PPSSPP

The 31st game in the FIFA football game series is FIFA 24. The most recent in the sequence, then. Aubameyang to Chelsea, Lewandowski to Barcelona, Darwin Nunez to Liverpool, Erling Haaland to Man City, Wesley Fofana to Chelsea, Kalidou Koulibally to Chelsea, Anthony to Manchester United, Mane to Bayern Munich, Rudiger to Real Madrid, and many more of the most recent player transfers are included.

Since the players have real-life rating scores, the most recent FIFA player rating is likewise copied in this game.

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FIFA 24’s graphics are also stunning, and the stadium effects have been improved. It makes use of real-player face packs. In this football PSP game, all Cubs are wearing brand-new 2023–24 uniforms. FIFA 24 replicates players’ authentic goal celebration techniques and uses the official logos for all clubs.


All of the things in FIFA 24 ISO are unlocked because this is a customized version of FIFA Mobile. Simply said, this indicates that there is no cost to play the game or utilize any of the in-game products.

It’s entertaining to watch thanks to the HD graphics’ realism in FIFA 2024. PSP games typically have greater graphics than most APK games do.

You may play PSP games on your Android devices using PSP emulators. I know from experience that PPSSPP Gold is the top PSP emulator for Android. It has worked perfectly for me to play FIFA PSP games and other PSP games on Android for free.

So keep reading if you’re seeking for a football game with authentic club outfits and unlocked in-game currency and goods.

Additionally, FIFA 24 Mod Apk for Android is available if you choose to play the standard APK version. However, continue reading if you want to test the PlayStation game version.


Electronic Arts Sports created and released FIFA 24. (EA Sports). The game is listed as one of the best cross-platform football games available for download.

Over 11,000 FIFPro-licensed athletes from more than 110 football clubs and national teams are featured in the 2024 edition.

FIFA 24 ISO includes updated team information, including uniforms, players, balls, and competitions. A player can even be modified to your specifications and used as your superstar.

Since the game is offline, you can play it on your device without an internet connection or a WiFi signal, just like you could on the PES 23 PSP.

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Additionally, FIFA 24 Mobile features multiplayer mode so you can play against your pals online. If this is your first time, see how to set up the multiplayer connection mode on the FIFA soccer game.


Developer EA Sports, Name FIFA 24 PPSSPP Version 4.0.0, Platform Android, PSP
Size 1GB \sCompatibility
Mode for Android 7.0 and above
Essential Requirement
January 2, 2023 update
Rating 4.0/5


EA Sports is planning to release FIFA 24 on September 30, 2023. You can download and play the game’s hacked PPSSPP version, which has a ton of new features, before the official version is ever published.

This is truly “FIFA 14 Mod” FIFA 24 PPSSPP, which includes all the most recent features you’d want in a 2024 soccer game, including the newest players and transactions. Most importantly, it is offline and cost-free to play.

What is New?

  • Camara PS5 is added
  • new career mode
  • League Master mode
  • Packs with actual player faces
  • awesome 2023/2024 season kits gameplay
  • FIFA 24 PSP Features
  • Updated HD graphics on the splash screen
  • Qatar Champions League football at the FIFA World Cup
  • the most recent player transfers
  • Commentary in English
  • fresh musical tracks
  • new ball varieties
  • newcomer capabilities
  • Score Sheet
  • PSP buttons
  • unique player reactions, celebrations, and motions after scoring
  • Realistic field and stadium
  • conserving power mode
  • elite athletes
  • Chinese league
  • Premier League of Indonesia
  • AFCON FIFA Club World Cup
  • Enjoy the most advanced league mode.

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7.0 or higher Android version on an Android device
Unzipping software and a PSP emulator that have at least 2GB RAM and 3GB of storage ( can be downloaded below).
good internet connection for downloading the PS5 camera, texturing, and FIFA 2024 ISO files.


Using the download buttons below, you can get the PSP game.

Obtain FIFA 24 ISO in 680 MB.

Download the 220MB FIFA 24 texture file.

Download the 320MB FIFA 24 Save Data.

NOTE IMPORTANT: All of the aforementioned files are necessary for the FIFA PSP game 2024 to be installed successfully on your Android device.

The installation process is what is done next. See instructions on configuring PSP games on your Android if this is your first time playing a PSP game on the platform.

If the PSP Folder is not already there in the device memory, remember to create it. Normally, the PSP folder is immediately created for you after PSP Gold Emulator is installed and opened on your phone.


  • Download every PSP file for FIFA 2024 listed above.
  • Then download the ZArchiver Pro and PPSSPP Gold apps.
  • Locate the FIFA 24 ISO Files using ZArchiver in the downloads folder on your phone.
    Touch it.
  • In the popup window, click extract (arrow pointing downward).
  • In the PSP Folder, paste the ISO file at this point.
  • Repeat this procedure with the FIFA 24 texture file and save data file.
  • Once the game files have been successfully extracted to the desired folder, quit the ZArchiver application.
  • Open the PPSSPP Gold Emulator App at this point.
  • To find the PSP Folder, look.
  • Click Games.
  • Locate the FIFA 2024 icon and click it to launch the game.

Do you still have trouble installing the game? Next, follow the detailed photos and video instructions to properly install PSP games on Android.


If you open the game using a PSP emulator on some phones, you can see a dark screen. So, switch to Spanish on your PPSSPP emulator to solve the back screen issue. And the mistake will be fixed.

PES 24 PPSSPP is an excellent PSP game that you can play on your Android device as an alternative to FIFA 2024 PPSSPP.


We updated the most recent transfer actions, including Raheem Sterling’s move to Chelsea, Gabriel Jesus’ move to Arsenal, Rudiger’s move to Real Madrid, Raphael’s move to Barcelona, Lewandowski’s move to Barcelona, and Erling Haaland’s move to Manchester City, among others.


Are you trying to figure out how to play the game the best manner possible? Then look at the most effective PPSSPP cheats and the best PPSSPP settings.

If you’re looking for a decent PSP football game that operates offline, FIFA 24 is a solid choice.

You can check out more PPSSPP games to play on your Android devices in the interim.

It’s a great experience to play PlayStation games on an Android device. You must figure out how to play PPSSPP games on Android in order to enjoy it even more.

I wish you luck in this game. However, if there is a problem in any manner, please let me know by using the comment section below.

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