Download Free Games to Keep Your Kids Happy and Engaged

Since the advent of smartphones, playing games has become easier. You no longer need gaming consoles to play various entertaining games as they are in your pocket. You can easily download them from app stores of smartphones and play them whenever and wherever you want without any hassle, unlike gaming consoles that require constant power input and large screens. 

Additionally, playing games on consoles is a costly solution as you have to buy multiple games if you want to play them.

On the other hand, smartphones are a cost-effective solution as they allow you to play games for free. Modern-day parents also see smartphones as an effective way to keep their children happy and engaged. 

However, parents must stay vigilant about the games their children play on smartphones. The games played by your children should not promote violence or any other unethical practice. Hence, parents should administer their children’s smartphone activity, especially the games they play.

This article discusses a few smartphone games perfect for your children as they teach them some necessary practical life and education concepts. Such games can also keep your kids happy and engaged for longer to ensure you don’t get disturbed during your Work from Home (WFH) hours or any other engagement. 

Further details about these free yet highly entertaining games are given below:

  • Pixel Art Maker: Coloring Game

Parents should ensure that the games played by their children lead to productive results in real life. One way to make it possible is to help them learn drawing and coloring at an early age through smartphone games. Preschoolers may find it challenging to identify various colors and draw the given objects with accurate colors. You can solve their problem by downloading “Pixel Art Maker: Coloring Games.” This app contains pixel art games that can help your children learn useful things about colors.

In addition to learning basic information about various colors, children learn a lot about drawing by playing pixel art games. This drawing games application is free to download from the Play Store. Hence, if you want preschoolers to stay engaged and happy while playing games on smartphones, this app is perfect for you. Your children will learn how to paint by numbers, which will greatly help them in school. Moreover, you can perform your work without worrying about your children. 

  • Crossy Road

Parents are often concerned about teaching their children the trick of crossing roads. The good news is now they can teach their children the trick of crossing roads by allowing them to play the game on a smartphone named “Crossy Road.” The main objective of this game is to help characters like ducks, puppets, and cats cross the road safely. Playing this game is super easy as the player who is playing the game should tap here and there to make the character cross the road.

The farther the character goes, the better. In addition to crossing roads, the character will also cross railway lines, where they will learn the importance of signals. Moreover, your children can make characters cross the river by jumping on floating timber. All these elements of games will make your children happy and engaged. 

  • Dr. Driving

Learning how to drive is a challenging task. It requires basic knowledge of steering movement, accelerator, and brakes. Do you want your children to learn how to drive in the future? If yes, “Dr. Driving” is a perfect smartphone game to help them learn the basics of driving a vehicle. You can download this game for free from the Play Store and let your children play it.

The driving configuration of vehicles can be changed according to the driving side commonly used in your region. It is a perfect simulation game that engages children and people of all ages. So if you want to make your children happy and engaged for longer durations on a smartphone, this app can be the perfect solution for you. 

  • Business Game

Most of us have played the classic card game Monopoly in childhood and enjoyed it because of the trade and finance practices that occur during this game. Our children also deserve to play such games. However, due to the busy schedule of parents, they need help to guide them about how to play it. Moreover, this game usually takes several hours to conclude. The best way for parents to teach their children about finance, money, and life skills is by downloading “Business Game.”

This game can be easily installed on smartphones from the play store. It will teach your children to do maths, negotiate with others, manage the available budget, and plan to earn more money. Your children will learn to strategise and stay happy while playing this game. 

It is free to play and can keep your children engaged for hours. They can play with their friends by creating a room, online players through multiplayer games, and AI bots through this game. 

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