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Jinsi Ya Kuandika CV ya Kuomba Kazi Tanzania 2023/2024

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Jinsi Ya Kuandika CV ya Kuomba Kazi Tanzania 2023/2024;- More than 10 percent of the country’s population is unemployed and companies receive an average of 100 job applications per job advertisement. So, your CV must come out well. The process of applying for a job can be different for companies and organizations, but all will require you to send them a CV.

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A CV is a general overview of your work and school history. Typically, it applies to job applications for middle, high and research positions.

Now, the following tips will help make your CV better and thus, help you get an interview.

Kuandika CV ya Kuomba Kazi Tanzania

  • Have a plan

“Failure to have a plan is a failure plan” – Benjamin Franklin

Remember at school we were taught to plan our essays before writing them? So, writing a CV is the same. Before writing it you should do the following:

  • Read and understand the job description

What skills do you have? What kind of employee is the employer looking for? These questions are important to know if you will be able to do the job or not. Also, it is good to know exactly what is important to the employer and to make your application more relevant to the needs of the employer.

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For example, if the job places importance on the skills of using social media for advertising, make sure your CV has all the functions that required the use of social media.

  • Write down the keywords used in the job description, and use them on your CV

Do not take the whole sentence from the job description and use it the same on your CV. However, use the language and some of the words used in the CV.

For example Social networks, excellent research skills.

  • Do research on the company that advertised the job

In addition to analyzing job descriptions, it is important to do research on the company itself. If they have a website or are on social media, try to find out what job and which industry they are involved in. Also, if possible, get to know the company’s employees/manager. This will help you to know the values ​​and direction of the company. This will help you to keep your job application in line with the company.

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  • List your working skills

Here, do not put all the work you have done in your life but only those that added to the skills you will need to help do the job you are applying for.

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The most common style of CV writing is the following:

  • Aim the CV with your skills
  • Your job skills
  • Special achievements
  • Education
  • Important personal knowledge


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