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Ghetto Kids Britan Got Talent (Triplets Ghetto Kids) Who Are They?

Britain’s Got Talent: Who Are Ghetto Kids and Why Are They Impressing the Judges? Britain’s Got Talent is back on our screens, and this year, the competition promises to be fiercer than ever.

Among the talented performers hoping to impress the judges and secure a place in the semi-finals is Ghetto Kids, a dance troupe from Uganda. During their audition, the group wowed the judges and earned the coveted golden buzzer from Bruno Tonioli. But who are Ghetto Kids, and what makes them so special?

Who Are Ghetto Kids?

Ghetto Kids are a dance troupe founded in 2014 by Daouda Kavuma. The group consists of children ranging from five to thirteen years old and is composed of disadvantaged children, orphans, and street kids from the Katwe slum in Kampala, Uganda.

Kavuma’s mission in creating the group was to use dance as a tool to make the children’s lives better, giving them an outlet to forget their troubles and focus on something positive.

Ghetto Kids
Ghetto Kids

Ghetto Kids first rose to fame in 2014 when they posted a video of themselves dancing to Eddy Kenzo’s Sitya Loss. The video went viral, amassing over eight million views and propelling the group into the spotlight.

Since then, they have been featured in music videos, performed at high-profile events, and even appeared on talk shows like Jimmy Fallon’s. They have amassed over 520k subscribers on YouTube and have become known for their high-energy, acrobatic dance performances.

Why Are Ghetto Kids So Special?

What makes Ghetto Kids so special is not just their impressive dance skills but also their resilience and determination. Many of the children in the group have faced difficult circumstances in their young lives, such as poverty, homelessness, and the loss of loved ones.

Despite these challenges, they have found a way to use dance as a way to channel their energy and emotions and connect with others. Their performances are not just impressive displays of physical agility but also moving testimonies to the power of human resilience.

What’s Next for Ghetto Kids?

Thanks to their golden buzzer win, Ghetto Kids are now guaranteed a place in the semi-finals of Britain’s Got Talent. This exposure could help to catapult the group to even greater heights, and there’s no doubt that they will continue to inspire audiences around the world with their performances.


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But perhaps more importantly, their success serves as a reminder of the transformative power of the arts and the importance of supporting disadvantaged communities. By investing in programs like the one that created Ghetto Kids, we can help to change lives and build a better, more equitable world.