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Waimea College Fight Video; Teen attacked in video footage

Teen attacked in video footage from the Waimea College fight, Waimea College Fight Video, A video with the title “Waimea College Fight Video” recently appeared on the internet, where it quickly became a sensation. In reality, a debate on bullying in schools has emerged online.

What’s going on, and what does the video show? Why is it creating such a stir on social media platforms? Internet users are in a frenzied pursuit to learn what transpired at Waimea College as a result of the fight footage from that school becoming widely popular.

Netizens eventually became interested in it and began searching for online articles to learn more about it. We have addressed all the crucial inquiries about this subject in the parts that follow. Therefore stay on this page and make sure you read all the next topics. Just scroll down and see down below.

Fighting in College at Waimea; Waimea College Fight Video

Reports state that on February 20, 2023, a boy was attacked at Waimea College. The Waimea College victim remained in the restroom when some boys outside threatened to beat him up.

The father of that boy, Mike Harvey, disclosed this. Also, Mike Harvey added that his kid emerged from the restroom in the hopes that the lads would stop abusing him. To read more information, scroll down the page.

Principal of Waimea College Scott Haines

According to Michael Harvey, his son also got online threats. Recently, a video of the incident has also become widely popular online. Internet users are curiously looking for video of the fight at Waimea College. The teenage guy is shown in the video being hit and struck in the head while people cheer him on from nearby.

We made the decision not to release the video since it is upsetting to the victim’s family. We also urge you to refrain from sharing this terrible video, as it can disturb viewers when they consider the adolescent guy. To read more information, scroll down the page.

Teen attacked in video footage

“I told the school before this incident and indicated to the Year 9 Deans that I was concerned for my son’s safety and that I was also concerned that he was no longer his regular self,” Mike Harvey continued. I made it plain that if the Deans became aware of him for any reason, I would like to be contacted so I could get a call and figure out what was going on for him. But he never received a call. Keep checking this website for updates and other information.

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