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Is The Website For The Coming Back Game Accessile? Blockbuster Video Comeback

The video rental giant Blockbuster, which dominated the DVD rental business in the 1980s, is said to be making a comeback. A cryptic message on the Blockbuster website has sent fans into a frenzy, with many speculating about the company’s return.

The opening message on the Blockbuster website reads, “we are working on rewinding of your movies.” This message appeared on the site in November 2022, but it went unnoticed until recently. The nostalgic memories of its customers and the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime has led to many hoping for Blockbuster Video Comeback.

Blockbuster Video Game Rentals can be a potential new business idea for the company. Online games require infrastructure and other purchases, making them a costly affair. Blockbuster video game rentals can provide a good option for gamers who can’t afford to buy every console.

The company’s last functional store is in Bend, Oregon, and its manager, Sandi, feels it has a few more years of business. However, everything could change in a heartbeat, as Blockbuster’s recent Twitter message suggests.

On 15th March, the company posted a message on Twitter stating, “New Business Idea: We are going back to the bank and using DVD and VHS as currency.” This message has garnered significant attention, with many speculating on different business ideas to help Blockbuster return to its glory days.

The entertainment community on Reddit has reacted to Blockbuster’s return message with many hilarious comments. However, it remains to be seen whether Blockbuster Video Comeback will materialize, and if so, whether it will be successful in a market dominated by streaming services.

As of now, Blockbuster’s social media links, including Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram, are buzzing with excitement about the potential return of this iconic brand. Whether it can make a successful comeback in today’s streaming era is yet to be seen.