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Why now might actually be the perfect time to start a new business in South Africa

The formal economy continues to suffer from the effects of the epidemic. Many small businesses have closed their doors. However, this does not mean that you cannot succeed as an entrepreneur.

The year 2020 encouraged a lot of people to adopt a more entrepreneurial mindset. For some, finding ways to make money on the side was necessarily motivated by a job loss or salary cut.

The pandemic has also created new problems for companies to solve.

As Dove Gern, CEO of Merchant Capital pointed out, “This is what entrepreneurs do. They separate their emotions from their thinking. They find solutions to problems … If one day you want a blank canvas to create new solutions, products and services, that’s the problem.”

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Business ideas with low start-up costs IN SOUTH AFRICA

You don’t have to take a fortune to start a new business.

Grocery delivery

Others had time to realize that they simply did not want to return to their “pre-Covid-19” lives. Frustrated commuting and long hours in an unsatisfactory situation? Maybe it’s time for a change.

Thanks to the pandemic, the demand for grocery deliveries is at an all-time high.

The network of supermarkets is overburdened. This means that there is ample room for entrepreneurs to offer their services locally.

After the pandemic, people who used to deliver groceries will likely continue to rate this service. It saves them time and effort!

Meal delivery

Likewise, preparing and serving customized meals is a good and low-cost business idea for 2020. Start a small business and grow the business in your local area.

Many people still choose to stay home rather than eat out. Once again, a service that saves time and effort is bound to stay popular long after this year.

Private classes

Demand for private tutoring is increasing in South Africa, with many parents looking to extracurricular options to enhance their children’s grades and to supplement the teaching they receive in mainstream schools.

If you score yourself high, study in a related field or have a suitable qualification, private lessons are a great way to earn extra money.

If you do not have a specific qualification, you can offer homework help for young children, possibly with an aftercare service.

Local Tours

It is only a matter of time until the SA once again attracts record numbers of tourists.

If you have lived in your city for most of your life, you have an advantage over a regular tour guide. Many tourists want a more local experience when they visit South Africa.

Offering a walking tour of local attractions can develop into a lucrative side business. You can even partner with some local companies.

Home baking business
Home baking

South Africans have an appetite for cakes and pastries, including local specialties like koeksisters and milk tart.

If you enjoy baking, head to local restaurants and cafes (preferably with some samples) and offer your services as their daily baker. In most home kitchens, you can produce some cakes, pies, and pastries every day.

Writing and editing services
Writing and Editing

If you have editing or writing skills, consider building a website and providing your services professionally.

With more and more companies moving part or all of their online commerce, the demand for well-written content online is high. If you are familiar with the basics of SEO and have strong ad writing skills, you can offer content marketing services.

If you have a passion, you can also simply start a local blog. Then work on using it to earn advertising revenue.

For example, South Africa is an important travel destination. A blog can give potential visitors a glimpse into everyday life in South Africa. Write articles about your favorite local places and activities, and illustrate in attractive pictures.

Transportation for children
Transportation for children

Getting to and from work or school remains a challenge for a large percentage of South Africans, especially with an unreliable public transportation system.

If you have a reliable car, consider introducing a lift club for schoolchildren.

Lots of parents are happy to pay a safe and reliable driver to take their kids to school so they can spend less time in traffic.

Sandwich delivery

Pack a bike wheelie basket with delicious fresh sandwiches and take a tour around the local business complex (with permission of course), offering affordable lunch options for office workers.

If you keep your prices reasonable and your sandwiches simple yet satisfying, this could be an attractive option for many workers. They could have made their way more in the store.

Local laundry service

Lots of people work long hours and barely have time to squeeze out a little laundry at the end of the day. If you have an appropriately sized washer,

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