PSLE Results 2022/2023 NECTA Standard Seven 7 Results

PSLE Results 2022/2023 NECTA Standard Seven 7 Results, The Primary Certificate of Education Examination (PSLE) is a national examination for primary school students in Tanzania. The exam is administered by the National Examinations Council.

Students who do well on the PSLE may receive scholarships to attend better schools, while those who perform poorly may have difficulty finding secondary education opportunities due to overcrowding in public high schools or lack of funding for private schooling.

Standard Seven (PSLE) Results 2022/2023 NECTA

If you want to check your PSLE results, there are two ways of doing so:

  • A. By SMS
  • B. Online

To check the NECTA Standard Seven (PSLE) Results by SMS, send a message with your name and student number to 1777. For example: “I would like to check my student number is 123456789”. The response will be in the following format:

“Student Name . For example, if the result is for Semester 1 and Grade 7, the response will look like this: “Student Name , which means that he or she passed.”

Steps to check NECTA Standard Seven 7 Results Online

You can check your results by using the following steps:

  • Go to the official website of NECTA.
  • Then, click on “Log In”.
  • After that, enter your Username and Password in respective fields and click on “Log In”.

PSLE results 2022/23 release date

The PSLE results 2022/23 release date is on Between November & September

The results of the PSLE 2022/23 examination will be available online at

Psle Results 2022/2023 Necta Standard Seven 7 Results
Psle Results 2022/2023 Necta Standard Seven 7 Results

Standard Seven Results 2023 – 2022 Primary Certificate of Education Examination (PSLE) Tanzania

Students can check their results in the following ways

  • Students will be able to check their results in the following ways
  • Students can check their results by SMS. This method requires them to send an SMS message with the code they were given when they registered online or printed out and brought along with them, on a piece of paper.
  • Students can also check their results online at by inputting their registration codes within a period of two months after writing exams.

Alternatively, students who failed in any subject may request for re-assessment during October – December 2019 using Form 10A which is available from NECTA regional offices countrywide or at all government secondary schools where examinations are conducted annually.

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How To Check PSLE Results 2022

You can also check your PSLE results on the NECTA website. To do this:

  • Go to
  • Click on Results and Results Archive.
  • Enter your school code where it says `Search by School Code`. You can find this code in the beginning of your letter, in the box where it says `School Code`. It looks like this: [school code].

Check PSLE Results 2023 NECTA Standard Seven 7 Results by SMS

To check your PSLE Results, simply SMS the following code to NECTA:

NECTAYour Code NumberCode Number of Candidate 2022

  • The Executive Secretary,
  • The National Examinations Council of Tanzania
  • P.O. BOX 2624 OR 32019
  • Dar es Salaam.
  • +255-22-2700493 – 6/9
  • +255-22-2775966

If you have used any other method of checking your results, please retry with this one!

PSLE results result in lifelong impact to students in Tanzania.

PSLE results have a lifelong impact on students in Tanzania. They are used to determine which secondary school students will be offered places in post-secondary education, as well as which students will be offered places in employment.

For example, if a student has good PSLE results and wants to attend university, they must take the STEP exams during their final year at secondary school.

If they do not achieve high enough scores on these exams (which are based on their PSLE results), then they may not receive a bursary from the government or their employer after graduation.


PSLE results are very important for every student in Tanzania and it has lifelong impact. With all these information, you can now easily check your PSLE result online by entering your name and ID number. If you don’t know how to do this, visit our website below for more details!