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NACTE Changes To NACTVET – NACTE yabadili jina kuwa NACTVET

NACTE Changes To NACTVET – NACTE yabadili jina kuwa NACTVET;- Today’s changes are from NACTE to NACTVET meaning NACTE is now NACTVET.


The amendments to various laws of Parliament No. 4 of 2021, The National Council for Vocational Education NACTE was renamed and will now be called the National Council for Vocational Education and Training NACTVET.

NACTE yabadili jina kuwa NACTVET

NACTVET Executive secretary Dr Adolf Rutayuga stated that the minor changes have increased the Council’s responsibility for regulating and controlling the quality of Vocational Training previously carried out under the VETA Vocational Education and Training Authority.

Nacte Changes To Nactvet
Nacte Changes To Nactvet


A renowned regulatory body that oversees the quality of Technical Education and Training for National Socio-economic Development .



NACTE is now NACTVET. This role oversees the provision of technical education and training, and registers and accreditations tertiary institutions. It also advises the government on the development of high-quality technical education and training to benefit Tanzanians .

Objectives for NACTVET

NACTE  is now NACTVET. The mission statement has been translated into these three main objectives by NACTVET:

  • Establish and maintain a regulatory framework for technical and vocational training and education, leading to quality-assured certifications.
  • To support technical and vocational institutions in improving and maintaining the quality of their education and to ensure that their programs meet the labour market needs by guiding them and monitoring their compliance with the regulatory framework.
  • To provide advice to the Government regarding the strategic development and technical aspects

Vocational education and training to make informed policy-making decisions.