MyUCLA: Helpful Guide To Access UCLA Portal


The MyUCLA portal is your one-stop shop for accessing all of the tools you need to succeed at UCLA. Here are basic instructions for accessing MyUCLA, as well as some useful tips and links to help keep you on track.

How To Access MyUCLA

MyUCLA is the portal for students, faculty and staff at UCLA. MyUCLA is a secure site and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. When you log in, you’ll have access to your U-Mail, courses and other services offered by UCLA.

MyUCLA offers many helpful resources for students including:

  • Your personal information such as degree programs, address change information and class schedules.
  • Student Financial Services (SFS) options such as paying bills online or requesting refunds for dropped classes on MyUCLA’s website.

How To Access Apps and Email

How To Access Apps and Email in MyUCLA

You can access your MyUCLA apps and email by logging into the UCLA Portal, which is a website that allows you to access important information such as class schedules, grades and student account statements.

To get to the UCLA Portal:

  • Go to if you are on campus or if you are off campus or using a mobile device
  • Enter your NetID (i.e., username) and password (i.e., password). You will see a box asking for two-step verification code if you have not yet enabled this feature
  • Click “Login” at the bottom of the page once you have entered all required information

Other Helpful Links

`Other Helpful Links:

  • UCLA homepage
  • UCLA calendar
  • UCLA library
  • UCLA housing and dining services
  • UCLA financial aid, scholarships, and payment plans
  • UCLA admissions, transfer requirements, and student services office. This includes a link to the official application portal (the same one you used to apply for admission). If you need to make any changes or additions to your application, use this portal as well.
  • You can also check here for information regarding entrance exams like SAT/ACT scores or AP test scores if they are not listed on your transcript or in other documentation. You will also find information about scholarships here as well as links to campus resources like counseling centers and career development offices.
  • There is even a link that lets you track your admission status online!
  • In addition there is a page with links specifically tailored towards incoming freshmen who would like more information regarding being an undergraduate at one of America’s top universities such as how much it costs per semester including tuition fees & housing costs; financial aid options available; what majors there are available etcetera…
  • This page also has links where students can learn more about specific aspects relating specifically towards entering their chosen major such as prerequisites needed before applying etcetera…. Students looking for general info regarding graduate degrees should visit this page instead where they’ll find everything from eligibility requirements all the way up until graduation day itself.
  • Diplomas

Knowing how to access MyUCLA can make life at UCLA easier.

MyUCLA is the UCLA portal. It’s your main resource for information about campus life, and it includes a number of tools and resources to help you succeed at the University. You can use MyUCLA to access your transcripts, checklists and deadlines, view grades, access class lists and more.


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