how to make money as a teenager

This is how to make money as a teenager, The labor market can be a difficult place for a teenager, but, with a little resistance and ingenuity, you can find several ways to earn money. In addition to exploring your options with employers who are known for hiring teenagers, you should also think of opportunities to become an independent contractor, an emerging entrepreneur who sells products or services on your own.

Whether you think you want a basic summer lifeguard concert or to start your own landscaping business, be sure to explore your options beforehand to find the one that suits you best.

how to make money as a teenager

  • Babysit for friends and family.

One of the best ways for teenagers to earn money and help in the community is to take care of children. If you are responsible and you like children, consider trying! Ask family friends who have young children if they need help with child care and start developing a customer base.

You can start by certifying CPR and taking some basic first aid classes so that your new employers feel safer leaving their children with you. Community centers, hospitals, and local Red Cross chapters often offer these courses for free or with discounts. [one]

If you have no previous experience in childcare and your new clients are nervous about this deficiency, ask them if they could have a trial period. The first time you take care of a child, you can do it when a parent is at home and available to supervise.

  • Do gardening work.

Many people are too busy for basic yard maintenance, but they don’t want their homes to look neglected or neglected. These people are often more than willing to pay someone to mow the lawn, rake the leaves or cut the hedges, especially if they can hire a neighborhood teenager or a family friend. Start by asking your friends and family if they need help and, if you don’t have enough business, post some signs in the neighborhood that offer their services.

In the winter, you can shovel the entrances and sidewalks for people in your neighborhood.
You may also consider partnering with friends or family to perform numerous gardening and maintenance tasks. You will have to divide the profits, but you will also do it more quickly.

  • Do household cleaning tasks.

As you are part of the family, you should already contribute to keeping the home fit, but you can ask your parents if you can take on additional responsibilities for a reasonable fee. After all, the chances are that your parents already have many daily tasks and concerns, so they would appreciate the help. You can negotiate your compensation by requesting half of what a professional cleaner would charge. You could also do other people’s gardening work and get money.

Some experts recommend that parents and teenagers also benefit from negotiating performance-based rates. So, for example, I could agree on $ 30 for proper work cleaning the garage and the gutters. However, if you exceed expectations and do a stellar job, you could accept that you will receive a salary increase of $ 40 or $ 50. Such a plan encourages your work while teaching you a better work ethic.

  • Make errands for an older person.

Many older people have mobility or dexterity problems, so they may have difficulty performing some basic daily tasks. If you know older people in your area, ask them if you can help them by buying food, moving furniture, fixing computer problems or watering plants. Just make sure your agreement is straightforward on both sides: the last thing you want is to work thinking that you will be paid while the other person considers your efforts to be a favor for kindness.

For example, if your grandparents organize a bridge party every week, ask if they can come the next time they meet to offer their services to their friends. They can prepare their friends by letting them know that they are trying to earn some extra money, and can give a sales pitch when everyone is gathered.

  • Walk dogs in your neighborhood.

While most people enjoy walking their dogs, they are often too busy to do so during the day. However, the welfare of their dogs is important to them, so they are willing to spend some real money for someone to take them for a walk and exercise. Therefore, if you like dogs and have a lot of energy, use your interests and enthusiasm for good monetary use!

Becoming a part-time walker is easier than ever with the advent of mobile applications for job seekers. Can subscribe