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List of iPhone Price in South Africa

List of iPhone Price in South Africa

List of iPhone Price in South Africa, there are significant price differences between the iPhone and other recently launched Apple devices available from the iStore.

iStore has listed the starting prices for the entry-level models for each smartphone as follows:

  1. iPhone 12 Mini 64GB – R15999
  2. iPhone 12 64GB – R18,999
  3. iPhone 12 Pro 128GB – R23,499
  4. iPhone 12 Pro Max 128GB – R25999

Interestingly, both the iPhone 12 Pro and the new MacBook Air with M1 processor launched in November carry a price of $ 999 in the US.

However, the latter is much cheaper in South Africa at R19999 compared to R23,499 for the iPhone 12 Pro.

Likewise, the iPhone 12 Mini and Mac Mini M1 both launched at $ 699 in the US.

Domestic prices differed widely again, with the entry-level Mac Mini and iPhone 12 Mini being 13,999 rand and 15,999 rand, respectively.

Although the MacBook Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are both priced at 25,999 rand in South Africa, the latter is actually $ 200 (R3,029) cheaper in the US.

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Apple devices vs iPhone price differences
US launch priceRand conversion including sales taxiStore Launch pricePercentage
iPad 8$329R5,342R6,99931%
iPad Air$599R9,725R12,49929%
Mac Mini M1$699R11,348R13,99923%
MacBook Air M1$999R16,219R19,99923%
MacBook Pro M1$1,299R21,089R25,99923%
Watch SE$329R5,342R6,49922%
Watch Series 6$399R6,478R8,99939%
iPhone 12 Mini$699R11,348R15,99941%
iPhone 12$799R12,971R18,99946%
iPhone 12 Pro$999R16,219R23,49945%
iPhone 12 Pro Max$1,099R17,842R25,99946%

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